Joe’s Weather Blog: What’s Ahead

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Good afternoon…taking a blog day off today but here are 2 tweets I sent out…I couldn’t resist…

That is all…jl


Good morning and all of us @ FOX 4 hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving whether it be with family or friends!

Our weather is and will continue to be rather tranquil for the next 4-5 days with no significant weather of consequence expected. Temperatures to finish the month of NOV will be seasonable. The month though will average out to about 3° below average and as you know from my Winter forecast earlier in the week, I’m expecting December to be below average as well. It certainly looks like from next THU/FRI through the 15th-20th or so, we should be well below average.

The cold I feel VERY strongly about, and have for the last week or so…the wintery precipitation though is still not cast in stone, although I’d be mildly surprised if we didn’t get at least some sticking snow out of all this through the 10th or so.

I thought this AM I’d post some maps off the EURO model to show you the extent of the cold weather for later next week…here are the low temperature forecast for the nation for NEXT FRI AM…

ScreenHunter_03 Nov

Now take a look at NEXT SUN AM…

ScreenHunter_04 Nov

Here in the KC area here is a look over the next 10 days…click on this image to make it larger and more readable…

ScreenHunter_05 Nov

Notice the transition timeframe, sometime later WED into tHU…from there we head downhill and our true lows/highs will be dictated by cloud cover and also the expanse of snow on the ground, whether that be here or elsewhere.

Again the snowfall potential is the wild card in all this…here and elsewhere.

With all that said here is a recap of all our winter forecasts and the weather team average.

I may take a day or two off from blogging, since I’ve done so much lately and written so much as well…have a great weekend and I may check back in on Sunday. You can always reach me on Twitter @fox4wx


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