ATA releases fatal bus crash video; witness relives final moments with victim

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Surveillance video from an ATA bus released on Wednesday shows the 21-year-old bus driver had no way to avoid hitting a pedestrian that ran in front of her on Tuesday night. The fatal crash happened on I-35, just north of the I-29 split in the Northland. The Missouri Highway Patrol identified the victim as 40-year-old Charles E. Turman of St. Joseph, Mo.

The video shows Turman running across the Interstate from the east to west, coming into the bus driver's view just moments before she hit him. It was the driver's first day on the job.

Jennifer Sisk was on her way home when she saw the accident and immediately pulled over to render aid to Turman.

"I got down and held his hand and said, 'We're with you, please keep breathing. Help is on the way,'" said Sisk.

She said there was nothing more she could do and Turman died a short time later. Sisk said it was obvious to her the bus driver was not at fault.

"Absolutely no way she was able to stop," Sisk said.

Turman's ex-wife, Jeanette Mitchell, told FOX 4 she spoke to Turman just two hours before he died.

"He was going to be headed this way down to St. Joe so we could be a happy family again, he was just really overwhelmed with it. He said, 'I will be there.'"

Mitchell believes Turman may have been trying to hitch-hike north. Mitchell said she and her new husband had agreed to let Turman stay with them because she and Turman have three children together and they wanted to help him get back on his feet.

"He was very stubborn, but he was a damn good father, he loved his children. He loved me and he was good friends with my husband," said Mitchell.

Mitchell said Turman had been released from the Linn County, Kansas Jail in October after serving time for unlawful use of a weapon. She added he had recently spent time at a psychiatric hospital in St. Joseph to deal with his bi-polar disorder, but was excited for the opportunity to reunite with his kids.

"If he would've told me if he needed a ride, I would've got him a ride but he told me not to worry about it. He was going to walk," said Mitchell.

Mitchell told FOX 4 she appreciates Jennifer Sisk for stopping to hold Turman's hand before he died.

"You don't know anybody's situation, I don't know his situation and all I could do was go home and pray for him and hope that he's at peace," said Sisk.

Missouri Highway Patrol Troopers say Turman smelled of alcohol and prescription pills were found on his body, but they're waiting on toxicology results to determine if he was under the influence of anything at the time of the accident.

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  • Travis Moyer

    Allow me to point out the many flaws of your statement, but first I am a close family friend doing everything in my power to keep one of his sisters ok. 1: it was and ATA not greyhound
    2: it wasn’t suicide, he was simply crossing the street.
    3: learn your facts before you criticize someone whom I’m sure you don’t even know.
    He was a good person. And mean people like you have no room to speak about others. Check yourself before you make critical acclaims.

  • Rachel M

    After seeing the video, I can’t help but wonder how in the world this happened. I know this sounds insensitive, but this is a serious question: What was he thinking? Did he underestimate the speed of the traffic? Did he think he was super fast and could make it? Did he somehow not see the traffic? Did he think the driver would see him and be able to slow down enough for him to cross? Was he drunk or on drugs? Like I said, I’m not trying to be insensitive, I’m simply wondering how something so preventable could have happened.

  • ss

    Watch the video closely. He starts his run right at the moment the bug goes into the right set of lanes. Who physically could not see a bus. I could understand if he accidentally got hit by a small car, but in this situation it’s very clear to me, he meant to run in front of the bus.

  • yolanda

    Joe you are inconsiderate. Just because it was a ex going to live with his ex & CHILDREN, does not mean they were dysfuntional. That is what people who care about other people do. Have some remorse for this family. They were being caring and wanted to help out.

    • Joe

      Yolanda: Please!!! This family is dysfunctional with a capital D. and the man who died clearly was a part of that dysfunction. I feel for the kids because they are going to grow up being messed up if they stay in that house.

  • christine perry

    charles turman the man hit by the bus was my brother! he was a caring loving guy who loved life and loved his children! he had a mom a dad sisters and nieces and nephews that loved him very much! dont believe everything you hear on the news my brother did not live with anyone he had his own house that he lived in and he had 3 children that he loved very much and and his children lived with him and he took care of them very could care of them! we are all devastated over the loss of our brother! so please have some compassion and respect for our family as we go through this difficult time!

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