Joe’s Weather Blog: Sunday Update To The Snow

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It looked unimpressive to me last night, well really for the last 5 days, and it’s end results are as unimpressive as it could be. I really thought we’d sneak in about 1″ of snow though in the KC area, and at least for many that won’t even be the case as the “heaviest” of the snow is now starting to move away from the metro.

Yesterday I outlined all the negatives to this scenario, and the one thing that now is becoming more prevalent is that a “dry slot” is moving in in the mid levels of the atmosphere. This happens a lot even in our bigger storms on occasion. It occurs when drier air moves in at around 10,000 feet on up. What then happens is that snowflakes have a harder time forming in the clouds aloft. Then can still form, except much lower to the ground and are often very tiny and really don’t accumulate all that much. Sometimes like this AM there is just enough lift in the clouds above us to create freezing drizzle which is what we’re dealing with now as well. This mid level dry slot was the reason I was never excited about the potential of this storm.

The latest radar does show the decent precip coming to an end now for the KC area. There still may be off/on lingering snow showers or some patches of freezing drizzle for the rest of the day and early evening however. Amounts should be minor.

With that said, there may be a few slick spots out there and you may need to scrape a bit if your car has been outside for awhile today.

Meanwhile up in IA today…they should get more than us here in the KC area…as well as NW MO and NE KS which too will have more snow…

Temperatures should go little to nowhere today and they will stay cold through the middle of the week.

We should try and moderate a bit towards the end of the week after a chilly Thursday AM…the EURO and to a lessor extent the Canadian models grab onto a weak wave from the SW part of the country and try and create some precip here either next FRI or SAT…at this point I have little confidence in those solutions…but something to file away as the week moves along.

One of our twitter followers Bryan @weatherinkc sent in this picture from KCK…

Meanwhile Kim @divalac611 sent in this picture from Deer, AR just towards the south of Branson, MO…they got a ton of snow a few days ago!

Speaking of which…check out all the snow they had to the south of the KC area from the storm that started on Thursday…impressive!

It is a mess there and elsewhere. Still a lot of people without power in the southern part of the country, mainly because of trees weighed down by the ice.

Finally this AM…we’ve been chilly for sure for the last few days…even a record low yesterday morning…but boy has it been cold in CA as well. I think they actually dropped to around 40° there. Actually they did set some record lows…but Jimmy Kimmel saw the humor in the cold from the coverage of the local TV stations there. It is pretty funny. Take a look.

Have a warm Sunday…weather looks awful for the Chiefs as a wintry mix has developed in Washington DC…they may get more flakes during the afternoon. Nasty there too. I may take a couple of days off from the blog since I’ve been on vacation this past week into early this week. Someone on FB mentioned that I should be relaxing…well 2 things 1) this is my life. I live and breath this stuff 24/7 as you can tell…which is a good thing…I love doing it and 2) you want the information. The blogs have been very popular this week on the web site so I want to make sure you get the information you’re looking for and the whys of what is going to happen. So there you go. If need be I’ll update the blog during or after the Chiefs game today. Props to Sporting KC…that is just so great!


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