Missouri Bill would arm teachers with something other than guns

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City lawmaker says Missouri should arm school teachers with pepper spray as an alternative to guns.

State Senator Jason Holsman (D) says his measure is a direct response to Missouri Republican efforts to allow teachers to carry loaded firearms.

"Teachers are human beings, there's a chance that a loaded firearm could end up in the hands of a student and then you have catastrophic consequences," said Senator Holsman.

FOX 4 caught up with the first-term Senator at Red Bridge Elementary on Tuesday.  He was volunteering at the school, where his two kids attend and and his wife teaches.

"I would prefer her to have some defense mechanism if she was defending her students and someone entered the room, at least the defensive spray would be better than nothing," Holsman said.

When asked what good a can of pepper spray would do against a school intruder armed with a gun, Holsman replied, "These six-ounce canisters of bear spray shoot 30-feet in a ten-foot wide radius.  It is conceivable that you could blast the hallway, if it was on lockdown and if the perpetrator was to run into that mist, it would disable him."

Andrea Flinders is President of the Kansas City Federation of Teachers. She says her union isn't taking a stand on the issue yet but she feels pepper spray is preferable to guns.

"It is non-lethal," Flinders said. "If a teacher would accidentally let the pepper spray go at least people don't die."

But Flinders isn't convinced pepper spray is the answer to school security.

"If it comes to the teacher then that intruder is already into the school, which creates a problem," Flinders said.

Flinders says Kansas City school security guards are already armed with pepper spray.  She prefers metal detectors and security guards instead of arming teachers with anything.

But Senator Holsman says arming teachers with guns is the first bill Missouri Republicans plan to introduce in the next senate session and he wants to offer a non-lethal option.

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  • Wayne Finn

    Yes I love it, get within 30 feet (actual is about 20 effective) of the shooter, spray him with pepper spray so he is blindly firing around. Really…? Why don’t you give them a knife to hold in their other hand. Most of these people go into these situations expecting to be shot by the police or end it themselves. Face reality here people!!! Secretly armed staff, no one but the administration knows who is armed, the armed personnel passes the concealed carry training and then does some form of continuing firearms training with a professional trainer. You won’t believe the improvements you make with professional training and it’s cheap if you know the right company.

    I love how they act as though teachers would be totally incapable of safely handling firearms. They seem like they are just going to give guns to huey and dewey.

  • John Smith

    Brilliant, nothing like facing down a demon armed with a semi-automatic rifle with a little can of spray. What could possibly go wrong? If we already trust teachers with our childrens lives, it is just stupid to say that they can not be trusted with a firearm. I trust teachers as much as I trust police officers. I definately trust them more than I trust politicians!

  • Larry Cates

    Flinders, as well as Holsman, are both idiots, which is typical for Democrats. Nobody with half a brain is going to be stupid enough to go after a shooter with a can of spray. And who cares if the shooter dies when he’s there to kill our children? Of course there’s always the possibility of innocent bystanders being hurt but the odds are greatly reduced when someone can actually stop the shooter dead in his tracks, instead of just making him more angry. Just the public knowledge of armed security on site will stop a lot of these nutless whackos from entering a school.

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