Taking marijuana off KC streets gets mixed reaction

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There's a lot less marijuana on the streets of Kansas City thanks to the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department.

More than 850,000 pounds of marijuana was seized in Kansas City, Mo., this year. That's almost 4,000 percent more than last year.

Kansas City Police tweeted this statement on Tuesday: Narcotics & Vice Division reports at Police Board meeting that they've seized 850,000 pounds of marijuana this year -- 3,982 percent more than 2012.

But not everyone is as excited about that news.

"Nothings going to change on the street," said Amber Langston with Show Me Cannabis, a group that wants to legalize marijuana in Missouri. "People are still going to be using marijuana. There's still going to be a market, and the police are still going to play their cat and mouse game."

Langston says this is not where police should be focusing their attention.

"Our law enforcement resources need to be redirected toward more violent crime, property crime, things that actually hurt other people," she said.

Langston says she doesn't feel that prohibition works.

"They haven't kept this out of the hands of youth, and that's the intent," she said.

And while she praises the police for doing their job, she doesn't think this news changes anything.

"At the end of the day, it hasn't solved any problem, there's still going to be marijuana on the streets," she said. "There's still going to be a criminal enterprise running things. They've maybe stopped a couple people, but in the end it's the same failed policy that it was yesterday."

FOX 4's Melissa Stern spoke with Sgt. Chris Cesena with the Kansas City, Mo., drug unit. He says police have actually seized almost four million grams of marijuana in 2013. The original tweet was about two different sites where they got a tip that marijuana was growing. Police understand the frustration of people like those with Show Me Cannabis, but if someone calls with a tip, he says they must investigate.

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  • Kevin Hunt

    A study has found that over 70% of recent seizures of illicit drugs in the United States are marijuana related, painting a picture of the American drug landscape and a mis-prioritized, failed, war on drugs.

    The study, “Busted: Analyzing America’s Most Recent Drug Hauls,” looked at major drug seizures as reported by over 1,500 media outlets in the United States during a 13 month period from March 2012 – April 2013.

    The study found that of the 5,000 most recent drug busts reported in the news, 70.5% involved marijuana — 140% more than all cocaine (13%), heroin (10%) and methamphetamine (6%) busts combined. The study did not look at prescription medication abuse or other designer drugs, only the “big four,” which together account for 69% of the seized drugs analyzed by American forensic labs each year.

  • Rick Day (@Rick_Day)

    It would be nice if the good police officer could break down that big 4 million gram number. It is 88,000 pounds which is about 241 per day seized. If each day’s seizure costs (investigation, paperwork, pre-trial,incarceration, court costs, storage, incineration) $20,000 of taxpayer money, the good people of Missouri are allowing about $8 million a year to be diverted from investigating and solving violent crime, patrolling the streets for drunk drivers…you know…police work.

    Priorities; Missouri deserves it.

  • uncleben.missouri@gmail.com

    It is a game. It works great for some peoples pain, now that we have very green and good smelling hydroponic strains out there, more and more people are going to, and already know about its tremendous medical benefits. Its not going anywhere, neither is the encircling greed and the lies around the topic, because misleading people and munipulating them, in ignorance, still somehow seems profitable. But duh, its a lesser, lower road! Thats my opinion, everybody knows it, money reigns over everything, this wouldn’t be excluded.

  • Sam

    woohoo they got the pot! And in the meantime, people are being shot at or held up at gunpoint and no results.
    Sorry, but a guy I know got mugged at gunpoint – lost his wallet, cell phones, almost lost his car, and had a gun to his head. Went and told the police and they said he could file a report for his insurance, but that was all that would happen. He tracked the phones (work and personal) to the same address, took it to the police, and they basically told him to get lost and be happy he was still alive.
    That’s how the KCMO police work… but yay they got a bunch of pot!

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