Police chief’s initiative results in illegal guns being taken off the streets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hundreds of illegal guns are now off the streets thanks to a new Kansas City Police Command Unit targeting active, violent criminals.  The department said it's making the streets safer one day at a time

The Area Command is a new initiative under Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte. This effort began in January. They are the enforcement arm of the Kansas City ‘No Violence Alliance’ and last night a search of a home on 41st and Monroe turned up five illegal guns, bringing their year-to-date total to 200 illegal guns taken off the street in 2013.

Chief Forte said today in his blog illegal weapons are used in a significant amount of the city's violent crime and now there are 200 that can't be.

The 18 officers, three detectives, 3 sergeants and one captain work long nights, canvassing crime ridden neighborhoods and surveilling hardened criminals involved in criminal and violent crime.

The result so far is 58 federal cases and 84 state cases that could prove to take repeat offenders off the street and hopefully make the metro safer for everyone.

One of the Area Command Unit's sergeants, Bryan Jones, said the unit doubled its initial goal.

“It says that there are a lot of KC police officers out here who will work their butts off to reduce the violent crime rate and that's a really neat part of it, Sgt. Jones said. “Another thing it says to me is: A.  there’s a lot of guns.  B. There’s a lot of illegal guns.”

The program started in the East Patrol and was so successful in its first few months that it's expanded to two other urban police divisions.  The illegal guns will eventually be tested to see if any were used in any unsolved murders and crimes.

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  • RickT

    What Is An “Illegal” Gun! Are You Talking About Guns Possessed Illegally, Like A Felon In Possession, Or Possession Of A Gun Requiring A Special License Like A Fully Automatic Weapon, Which Would Make It “Illegal” For An Unlicensed Individual To Own?

  • diana

    Good to hear about guns are been stop with all this shootings going around.but can they help my with my neighbor , I know he sells guns .he has the nerve to pop them at all time of the day then people show up then leave. I cant have a quiet day at all.my kids r scared. Im just fed up with it.kckpd wont do nothing about I have called em numerous of time

    • Bryan

      Diana call the east patrol station and ask for officer Britten. If I’m not there leave a message with a call back number. We will help you out.

      Illegal guns are guns possessed by people prohibited by law such as felons, probationers, and respondents on orders of protections. It’s important to remember this isn’t a war on legal guns because we are all 2a supporters. But as 2a supporters we need to get rid if the folks using guns for crime.

  • Joe

    The only question left is what the prosecution rate is going to be. The Jackson County Prosecutors are a joke. Ask the Police in the metro, or better yet ask a criminal walking the streets. When the Prosecutors wake up and prosecute criminals, the crimes will go down!!

  • Joe

    What do the police intend to do with the guns after they are confiscated and tested? I hope they sell them because if they destroy them, people looking for a gun will just go to a gun store. At least this way, the police will get some extra funds to expand their searches.

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