Plaza marriage proposal connects the dots

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A marriage proposal secretly filmed on the Country Club Plaza has gone viral on YouTube. Thirty-year-old Shawn Nix enlisted the makers of the mobile game application 'Dots' to help him pop the question to his girlfriend, 27-year-old Cassie Gentry.

"I was just playing a game of Dots and I was thinking this is something I love, that she loves, wouldn't it be cool if they wrote, "Cassie, will you marry me?" in Dots," said Nix.

An hour after Nix e-mailed technical support, the team from Dots not only said yes, they hired a film crew from the Kansas City production company Creative Films KC to secretly videotape the proposal.

"I was showing it to people at work, and people were crying, my dad cried, everybody has been so excited and think it's so amazing," said Gentry.

The Kansas City, Kansas middle school teacher said she's been overwhelmed with kind words of congratulations from strangers on YouTube.

"People are commenting that I have never met in my life saying, 'We're so happy for the two of you' and everybody is so excited and has such nice things to say," Gentry said.

"Lots of people thought it was fake, which is funny," she added.

In the video, you see Nix ask Gentry to play Dots on his iPad and as she goes through the game, a screen appears.

"I think the second screen says, 'We want to ask you a special question,' and I was like, 'Oh my gosh!'" Gentry said, predicting what would come next.

At that point you see Nix get on his knee and pop the question.

"Cassie Gentry, I've known since the first date we've been on, I've wanted to be with you for the rest of my life. Will you do the honor of marrying me?"

She quickly nodded her head yes, too emotional to speak. The couple isn't sure where they will get married but they know the date, June 1st.

"Sean thinks I should wear a polka dot dress," said Gentry with a laugh.

Twitter: @RobLowTV

WATCH: Original YouTube video produced by Creative Films KC at the request of Dots

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