Boy saves family, but Christmas presents are destroyed in early morning fire

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A seven-year-old boy alerted the family he was staying with that their home was burning early Thursday morning in Kansas City, Kan.

The fire was reported at about 4 a.m. at the home in the area of South 42nd St. and Douglas Ave.

Demarion Scott was staying with friends of his mother when their home caught fire and he woke them up.

Demarion Scott was staying with friends of his mother when their home caught fire and he woke them up.

The boy was staying with the family while his mom had surgery. He was sleeping on the couch at the time and woke up to a smoke-filled house.

The mother of the home says she grabbed the boy, wrapped him up in a blanket and ran out the front door. Her husband, James, followed them, but when they got outside they realized they didn't have their cell phones.

James ran back into the house, but the phones were by the bed and the house was too hot by then to go any further. James grabbed his two dogs and threw the male dog out the window. The female dog who was two weeks away from delivering a litter, ran away out of fear and wouldn't move. She perished in the fire.

James jumped out the window and ran to a neighbor's home to call 911.

"No shoes on their feet or anything," said Dep. Chief Craig Duke, KCK Fire Public Information Officer. "They did lose one of their dogs in the fire. Was able to get one of them out but we found the second after we were able to get in and knock the fire out."

The Red Cross is helping the family, who have four other children ages 10, 13, 14, and 15-years old. The couple's four children were staying with relatives for the holidays.

"Without his waking up with the smoke and everything, this could have turned into something much worse," said Duke.

Duke said the family had an alarm system that they thought would alert them to any disturbances such as a fire.

A space heater is suspected to have caused the fire.


  • courtney kosman

    First off you need to keep your mouth shut!! How disrespectful the day after Christmas they lose everything they have and u have the nerve to post something like this on here. Your a low life pos that has no clue wat ur talking about!!! Karma will come back to you and i pray she hits you like a diesel truck! This family has more then enuf going on as it is and ill bet ur a pathetic little kid inside that’s why you come on this website with a fake name well that name there is mine and you can find me by it if you feel the need to run your mouth some more about things that have nuttin to do with you!!! And plz remember something my momma always told me ” if you have nothin nice to say just keep you lips shut! Thank you have a great day.

  • mary

    Funny that this person has something to say about a “registered sex offender” considering that if you had looked up his actual case you would know there was no physical contact with the person causing him to be a sex offender…. …. SADLY THE ONLY THING YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT IS THAT HE IS A SEX OFFENDER FOR SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED OVER 10 YEARS AGO NOT THAT AN ENTIRE FAMILY LOST EVERYTHING THEY HAVE WORKED HARD TO OVERCOME AND MOVE FORWARD FROM SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED MORE THAN A DECADE AGO. four children lost their home and everything they own along with the cars that get them back and fourth to work because they are citizens who have opted to live right and abide by the law instead of living a life of crime which is normally the result of someone who has been deemed “a sex offender” because there is a loss of hope….Why not look at the positive in the person he has become not what he was when he was a 21 year old. I can say I am proud to call this “sex offender” my brother and the man he has become is more than most men who haven’t been pegged with this mark. I know that with no doubt in my mind that I trust him with my kids lives as do many others that he would never do anything to harm them. So for those focused on his past well we all don’t live there anymore that’s why we are happy. Courtney thank you for taking up for him as well I know that the people who truly know him know that he would never harm a child and that the facts of his case causing him to be a “sex offender” were blown out of proportion by someone who wasn’t even the “victim” of the case causing it to actually become a case.

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