Man exposes himself inside Shawnee Walmart

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SHAWNEE, Mo. -- Shawnee police are looking for a man who exposed himself inside the new Walmart located near Silverheel and Johnson Drive.

The incident happened shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday. A female shopper said a man in dark clothing walked past her with his genitals exposed. The woman was in the back of the store where surveillance cameras were limited, so police could not see the incident on video.

The female shopper described the suspect as a white male about 5'10" tall, weighing approximately 180 pounds with brown hair. She told police he was "not clean looking."

Walmart's corporate office did not return our calls for comment. Shawnee police have currently increased their patrols inside and outside the store.

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  • trixie68

    You can expect anything to happen at a Walmart store. Wish the one here in West Virginia would leave because, too much drama and rude workers. The only reason I shop there are because they are cheaper than the other stores. They come in to a place and mom and pop shops seem to close soon after. Be fore the founder passed away the did at the time sold decent stuff now it’s all cheaply made so sad

    • Joe

      You do a lot of complaining about Wal-Mart but you are the one that continues to shop there so apparently, you aren’t too concerned about the Mom and Pop shops or you are so cheap, you would rather save a couple of dollars than to support your local stores. Newsflash: You are more of a problem than the store.

      • trixie68

        I don’t care if the mayor doesn’t why should I he is the one who allowed them to come here. And I am cheap so, what are you going to pay my bills so, I don’t need to shop some place that’s cheap? That’s what I thought so, until you are willing to put your money where your mouth is shut up!

  • MsBunny

    You hate WalMart but you shop there anyway because the prices are lower, and you say they run off mom and pop stores “for some reason”??? Excuse me, Dingus, but I believe that you have discovered the reason. It’s because people like you are willing to tolerate the disgusting atmosphere, rude employees and bizarre customers in order to save a quarter here and a quarter there. If you want to see them disappear and the mom and pops to return, you will need to make the supreme sacrifice and pay a few cents more for your next bag of Cheetos and stretchy strapless top. God Almighty!

  • Tricia

    For Joe and ms bunny be looking for my reply to your remarks in a blog I will be doing tonight it should be posted by 1 am eastern time. I have tried to leave remark on here twice and for what ever reason it doesn’t post.

  • Joe

    Tricia: You must be full of yourself if you think I would try to find your blog. I don’t care what you have to say! If it is posted here, I may read it, but otherwise, anything you have to say is unimportant to me.

  • Joe

    I think I have figured out why the man exposed himself inside the Wal-Mart. It was simply too cold for the little thing to be out and uncovered, so of course he would do it inside where it is warmer.

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