Mother faces felony charges for alleged sexual abuse of her three children

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo credit: KFOR-TV

ELK CITY, Okla. – A mother of four was arrested by authorities after she was accused of sexually abusing her children.

According to a report by KFOR-TV, Natalie Lynn Webb, 30, of Elk City, Okla. was arrested by police who said she was involved in the “sexual abuse and exploration” of her own kids.

In an affidavit from police, it was discovered that over the span of three months, Webb had allegedly abused her children on several occasions. Police said Webb’s 9-year-old son told authorities that his mom had molested his younger brother and two younger sisters, and claimed he had at one point walked in on the abuse.

According to the Elk City Daily News, a report of forensic interviews conducted with the 9-year-old boy revealed statements accusing his mother of sexually exploiting her three youngest children by “selling sex” from them to other adults.

The repost stated, “when asked who was doing that to (his brother), he said he did not know but Mom was getting paid. He said she was selling sex from (his sisters and brother). (The 9-year-old) said he would run and hide in the Dumpster. … When asked who she was selling sex to he said, ‘Like her friends.’”

The affidavit also went on to include statements from the 9-year-old boy that alluded to intravenous drug use by his mother.

“(He) said these things would happen lots of times,” the report stated. “(He) thinks when Mom took the needles it would make her act different. He thinks that because she would act weird and her breath would smell funny and her arm would have little dots where it was bleeding.”

According to News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City, the children were put in protective custody, and their mother is being held on a $2-million bond. Webb is facing charges of sexual abuse of a child under 12-year-old as well as child neglect.

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  • Barbra

    She was a substitute teacher at the elementary in Elk City around the same time this happen. She’s also the DA of Beckham co. Sister in law. She had already lost her kids once and completed the drug court program. Then they let her work in are schools.

  • Beth Zumhofe

    She is a checked out piece of trash and needs to be eradicated from this earth. She does not deserve therapy, 3 squares a day, computer access, and all of the other bull that our hotel quasi-prisons offer. I hope she is shot and burned and put down a disposal. She does not deserve space in the ground.

    …and the eyebrows are a pretty good indicator of a real whack job!

    • Chris

      This lady is disturbed to be sure, and I am disgusted by her actions. The eyebrows though could be caused by several medical reasons, or she may over pluck them.

      There are a couple conditions called alopecia and trichotillomania that may be the reason an individual does not have full or is missing all their eyebrows. People who are undergoing chemotherapy may also be missing their eyebrows for awhile.

      I understand you are angry at what this woman has done. I am too.

      But…the eyebrows comments?? Those of us that don’t have eyebrows aren’t necessarily any different than the average joe, and there is no need to imply that people that don’t have them are whack jobs.

  • Valerie

    OMG…and you think you know someone! I haven’t been back home in a few years. My oh my how things change. I knew her sober and during her time in drug court. Poor babies. My heart hurts for them and for her family who has had to deal with her addiction. SMH…

    • miranda thompson

      Omg… that fatty batty? No fucking way and didn’t you say one of her girls was disabled. Man do I feel for her. I hope she can sober up and pray for forgiveness from those babies. She has a long road ahead of her. May god bless her and strengthen her.

  • TooRotten

    Death is the only cure for these vile pedophiles, it is time to put them all out of our misery! Also, laws need to change, “abuse of a child under 12”, to severe abuse of a child under the age of 10, 8, 6, 4, and under the age of 2. The younger the age, the harsher the sentence! Although, automatic death penalty it should also get immediate action! No being on Deathrow for 20 years, arguing why you did what you did. Doesn’t matter “why”, you did it, you die for it. Plain and simple, creatures like this do NOT deserve to live, taking up precious resources on this planet! Be gone with you all!!

  • Jessica Jones

    Something is seriously wrong with this chick. She’s smiling in her police photo! She looks like she’s proud to be there. I pray her children get the help they need & that someone trustworthy watches over them. OMGoodness!!! WTHeck is wrong with Folks Today! (SMH)

  • Greg Crowe

    reading the comments, yes she should be terminated but why haven’t the “friends” been charged? where was their brain when she suggested, hey, red flags should have went up and the police notified when she first offerred sex with the kids. a 9yr old reported her
    seriously, her eyebrows? get real folks

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