Kansas City’s first baby born in 2014 makes early arrival

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Isha Rim came in for a regular check up on December 31st. She wasn't due to give birth for 11 more days, but she was in for a series of surprises!

"I'm so excited, because the doctors said this is the first baby, and they gave us a gift," said Faw Rim, as he held his baby boy at Truman Medical Center while his wife, Isha, rested. It was a calm environment compared to the refugee camp in Thailand where they grew up.

"I was waiting for him to come right on new year's and it came true!" said Harsamit, baby Sa Aht's aunt. She said her sister came to the hospital for a regular appointment to get an ultrasound on Tuesday when doctors told her she had low amniotic fluid.

"The doctor said the baby needs to come out!" Harsamit added.

Doctors then induced Isha's labor.

"I'm so excited, because I always loved the new year, and I heard my sister was in labor and I said come out it's the new year, 12 o'clock!" said Harsamit.

And he did! At 12:08 AM.

"After he came out everybody said, 'Happy new year!' and we were so excited," Harsamit said.

This is the Rim's second baby, but their first son. Faw said he was hoping for a boy.

"Because I already have one girl!"

Since their son was the first baby born in Kansas City in 2014, the Rims believe it means big things for the future.

"It's the first child, so yeah, he's going to be a special baby," said Faw.

The Rims -- originally from Thailand -- became American citizens in 2013. They say their son's birth is a great start to the new year and to their new life as Americans.

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1 Comment

  • babynameslog0

    Congrats to the parents!!! Loved Isha choice for the name of the first baby! Parents are indeed very lucky! My favorite choices for baby names are always “safe”, for example something among these popular baby names for 2014: Karter, Kendrick or King (apparently K- starting baby names will be hot in 2014 as http://www.babynameslog.com/popular-baby-names-2014/ reports). My all time favorite is Adelynn though, sweet and cute, ideal for pretty baby girls!

    Wish you all the best for 2014 !!!
    Amanda xx