Chiefs suffer monumental collapse in Wildcard loss to Colts

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Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

INDIANAPOLIS — It’s so hard to believe.

There are many words to describe what happened to the Chiefs in Saturday’s AFC Wildcard game against the Indianapolis Colts. One would have to be ‘unbelievable’. But yes, it’s still true and hard to believe the day after.

The Chiefs were on the losing end of a 45-44 final score, in a game that turned out to be the second largest collapse in NFL playoff history.

Leading by 28 points early in the 3rd quarter, the Chiefs gave up 5 consecutive touchdown drives to Colts QB Andrew Luck and his pass happy offense. The Chiefs were outscored 35-6 down the stretch, and the franchise’s string of playoff futility will now stretch to 21 seasons. The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game is still January 1994, and a season that started with a 9-0 start has come to another abrupt end.

The Chiefs got 4 touchdown passes from QB Alex Smith, 3 of those in the first half. WR Dwayne Bowe caught 8 passes for 150 yards and one touchdown. But Luck threw for 443 yards total, and 4 touchdowns, and Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton caught 13 passes for 224 yards and 2 scores. The biggest catch was a 64 yard touchdown with less than 4 minutes to play that gave the Colts their first lead of the game at 45-44. The Chiefs threatened and got close to field goal range, but were never able to score. Alex Smith becomes the first QB in playoff history to throw 4 touchdown passes with no interceptions, and lose. After their 9-0 start, the Chiefs finished the regular season with 2 wins and 5 losses. The playoff loss will sting the most.

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  • MIke Gallagher

    Maybe it was just me, but did the Coits Defense seem to be in an all out hurt the Chiefs mode. I am ok with the J Charles accident, but two others were latent hit that shold have not happend and were not called for personal fouls. Also, did the Refs decide to ignor holding calls. Yes, the Chiefs got away with one of those but the Colts got away with 4 or 5 obvious holds. Finally, the placement of the game ball was a joke almost the entire game for both teams. Once Charles was injured and left the game, I did not think the Chiefs had a chance to win it even they they still played very well and get the score up 28 points – if those injuries would not have happend – I really think the Chiefs would have won it. They have some things to fix on both sides of the ball, but mainly the Defense. Week after week for 8 weeks they continued to make the same mistakes – now that is poor coaching in addition to just a few so so players that should not be in a Chiefs uniform. I do have confidence that those problems will be corrected for next season. I do hope we keep our numbers 1 and 2 QBs but I will bet that No.2 will get traded.

  • Duck Heckadon

    Hi, I just want to say that these football games I’m watching today the players are trying to go after the other players heads like they did the chiefs, go for the concussion. Duck

  • JoeyBagofdonuts

    from Philadelphia…..hahahahaha….we dealt with Andy Reid’s coaching mistakes for years….now he is all yours….love his time management skills…love the timeout after 2 minute warning….too funny…wait for his press conferences where he will tell you he has to do a better job.

  • River Rat Ron

    I quit watching Kansas City’s sports franchises 20 yrs ago….All they care about is the money, as long as fans pay, their profits are great….its all about business not the sport or pride anymore. The easy schedule just kept a dying team alive another year, listen to the hype and fall for it again people…they need your money