Daisy Coleman hospitalized in Kansas City after suicide attempt

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Maryville Mo., teenager, who has been at the center of a rape case which made national headlines, was in a Kansas City hospital on Monday night after attempting to take her own life.

Daisy Coleman is the teen who claimed to have been raped by a high school student when she was 14 years old. Her family has accused prosecutors of dismissing her claims.

The rape accusations made by Daisy and her family subjected them to harassment from several Maryville community members, including both parents and students. The case eventually caught national attention.

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Melinda Coleman, who is the mother of Daisy Coleman, told FOX 4 that her daughter tried to take her own life Sunday evening.

According to Melinda, Daisy had attended a party for about an hour Saturday night and had been attacked immediately afterward on a number of Twitter accounts. Melinda said her daughter is in stable condition at a children’s psychiatric hospital in Kansas City as of Monday night.

A special prosecutor has been appointed to handle the new investigation.

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  • Sandra Shelton-Weis

    I am so sorry for the pain this girl and her family have endured. I do not understand, why so many rape victims are being put in the spot light as an attention seaking beast! I wish for everyone, who does jugde her, to experience a rape only once to see, how it changes your life forever! It has an impact on your relationships with everybody in your life and the opinion you build yourself of others. It is a shadow that will follow you until you take your last breath! So how dare, anybody put this girl down. She may be trying to get her life together again, and with that, it also includes to socialize again. Everybody should be happy, that she is taking these small baby steps. Instead, she is being attacked on social networks. I hope, the people who attacked her and caused her to make this painful decission to take her own life, which could result now in permanent brain damage, can live with that guilt on their shoulders.

  • Step

    Sad story. Mom have Daisy delete any of her social media accounts. There’s no need to deal with them. It’s too easy for people to be mean & negative on social media. It can be a coward’s/bully’s paradise !

    • Dana

      Why aren’t you instead admonishing the full-grown adults *saying* the nasty things about her on social media? Or the parents of the teenagers so doing?

      It’s not a crime to have a social media account. It’s not a crime to read social media, either.

  • Jennifer

    Bless her heart. My daughter is a victim of rape under about the same circumstances as Daisy’s. Our case has been submitted to the clay co prosecutor. Just waiting to see if charges will be filed and for DNA to come back from lab. It is so sad the backlash Daisy has gotten. Breaks my heart. Hang in there kiddo, it will get better.

  • Nellie

    WHY is it,that the person that has been raped,seem to be the one on trial ???? its almost that way all the time.My daughter was raped,and her past was in the trial,how many days that she had missed in school,how she didn’t come straight home from Scout Meeting ,all kind of things that had nothing to do with the case. Thats why most people don’t got to Court after being raped,no one wants to go through that. I hope the young Lady get well,and get help dealing with this.

  • Tina Webb

    What has not been posted is that several days before the attempted suicide, Daisy was at a party and participating in underage drinking..After which, she attempted to get in her car and drive..Yes, she was called out on facebook by facebook friends to take accountability for this behavior as nobody (alleged rape victim or not) should be or has the right to drink and drive..For once I wish the media would print the whole truth and not just partial pieces that would coincide with the original article of her alleged rape..(I use the word alleged because nobody has been proven guilty in a court of law yet.)

    • cc423

      PLEASE Ms. Webb…. did you read the HORRIFIC comments made against this girl? Why do you find it neccessary to forgive those who verbally attack her? Why do you take up for the bullies? Peole like you are the worst.

    • Dizz Moll

      Because of COURSE daisy is an impudent teenager who isn’t making choices based on the fact that she feels worthless and that she shouldn’t have been born due to the systematic abuse and harassment that she’s been put through.

      Why on earth would one think that her living a death wish has nothing to do with the fact that it was made perfectly clear to her that no one wants her around and wishes she would go away is related?

      I wish rape apologists would stop trying to alleviate guilt by victim-shaming and realize that rape changes a person at the fundamental core and EVERYTHING becomes related until healing is allowed to happen instead of being forced to live a nightmare of being outed as a victim, being forced to relocate from a town, and having everything used against their credibility.

      Let me guess. She totally asked to be drugged, raped, and left to freeze to death on a front porch because two years later she acted in a manner that everyone she thought cared about her told her she should have.

    • Leelee

      Tina, I totally get your point on drunk driving which is never a good thing. She should have called for a ride or taxi, but nobody deserves to be raped like that while unconscious, then left to freeze on the ground of her doorstep. That is a crime!

  • Anymore

    Prayers for daisy and her family. I’m ashamed that I’m from maryville too many cover ups. Just bc she was drinking under age the night before she hurt herself doesn’t give you people the right to bash her decisions. You have no idea what is going through her head. This poor girl needs support and help to deal with her rapist She will never be able to forget that horrible night. Shame on u.

  • Jessica Jones

    This is a new era. Social Media is hard to get away from. I will not judge this girl. She had an unbearable circumstance going on in her life. I’m just sadden that she didn’t feel she had anyone to talk to about this. Our children today, aren’t as we were in our youth. Once it’s out there it’s out there. I was bullied, but I leaned on my church & family. We just need to learn from this..be aware of your children, notice mood swings & attitudes. Don’t take “NOTHING” for an answer. If you have to MUTE all the things in your life, do so…your children, your legacy…COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY! GOD BLESS

  • Aldo Anderson

    There is a million dollar question that need’s to be answered. What hospital was Daisy admitted to when she attempted suicide ? Nobody has been able to document this. If anyone knows, post it. All accounts are quotes from the mother. Not a Doctor or Hospital official. Something smells here. Dr. Coleman has been caught in a number of social media quotes that were untrue. Highway Patrol reports Daisy slid off the road and into a ditch, didn’t say her vehicle was total out. Said she was un-injured. Later people in Albany stated they saw Daisy and she wasn’t in a hospital. Dr. Coleman was quoted on social media saying “Daisy was brain dead”. Yes, something smells real bad here and there needs to be some answers before this goes any further !

  • Buffy

    What people need to remember is, no matter if this girl snuck out to meet a bit or whatever, she is a young lady that is going to make mistakes! She may of not made the best choices but just because you sneak out or drink underage does NOT give someone permission to rape you! It’s sick how these girls get raped then accused of trying to get attention, who would want that kind of attention? I understand some girls do lie but that doesn’t mean they all do & she shouldn’t be bullied for reporting the rape. You can say Yes to a situation but at the point you say NO, that means no why would this poor girl attempt suicide if she was falsely accusing someone, to suffer rape and have to deal with it is enough much less to be bullied over it by adults & peers Is ridiculous! I pray for this child, that she and her family may have the strength to get through this. You people making rude comments are pathetic, how would you feel if it was your daughter? I bet you wouldn’t say she deserved it because she snuck out or drank! Praying for you, Daisy!

  • Rick Grayson

    The main thing is that this “suicide attempt” has gotten the news media interested in paying the Coleman’s for interviews again. Expect to hear of the book deal any day now. I don’t foresee a little detail like the case being closed to deter the Coleman’s from continuing to “cash in” on Daisy’s “celebrity victim” status.

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