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Hands-only CPR used to save KCK man’s life

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Medical professionals say it's just gotten easier to save a life.

First responders are doing CPR using only their hands, as opposed to the outdated mouth-to-mouth resuscitation plus compressions.

They've seen it work firsthand at Boulevard Auto & Truck Repair on Southwest Boulevard. On December 18th, 47-year-old Kiall Peoples was talking to a fellow technician when he slumped to the floor and went into cardiac arrest.

"When he went down, I grabbed him, and yelled to my brother to call 9-1-1," mechanic Bill Fronce said. "I checked to see if he was breathing."

And Peoples wasn't breathing. That's when the Fronce brothers started hands-only cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

"We have no training," Mark Fronce said. "No formal training in CPR. We had to do something."

Doctors say it was those basic chest compressions that kept Peoples alive until paramedics arrived.

"I woke up and they were cutting my clothes off and stabbing me with needles," Peoples said.

"These are good guys. They'll do anything they can to help. I'm happy they kept me from from croaking," Peoples said, while laughing.

On Friday, the Fronce Brothers got their reward, as the KCK Fire Department awarded them the civilian award of merit.

"If not for the lifesaving actions by Bill Fronce and Mark Fronce, Kiall Peoples might not have survived," KCK Fire Chief John Paul Jones said.

First responders also took that opportunity to teach hands-only CPR to others.

Jerilyn Rodgers with the University of Kansas Hospital says this new method of CPR can keep someone alive, until medical professionals can go to work.

"If he would have gone four or five minutes without any oxygen or blood going through his body, he probably wouldn't have been able to walk out of this hospital," Rodgers said.

Peoples says he's feeling better and continuing to get medical care for his heart condition. His co-workers insist they're not heroes. They say they merely did what any co-worker would do for a friend.

Hands-only CPR is relatively easy to learn. We have a video clip that can give you basic training that can be seen at this link.

Click here to see Sean McDowell's FOX 4 Facebook page.

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1 Comment

  • Nehmo Sergheyev

    Mouth to mouth is NOT “outdated”. *Advocating* it is now not practiced by some. The primary reason for advocating non- mouth to mouth is that many people are reluctant to put their mouth on a stranger; consequently, they do nothing, and non- mouth to mouth is much better than nothing. Mouth to mouth, properly administered, is, however, more effective.