Mizzou’s Dorial Green Beckham arrested for suspected drug possession

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Mizzou football star Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested in Springfield overnight Friday for suspicion of felony drug possession.

KY3 in Springfield is reporting that the sophomore wide receiver was booked but has not been charged.  He was released from the Greene County jail early Saturday.

Green-Beckham was suspended from the team for one game in October of 2012 after being arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  Charges were later dropped.

Read more here about the 2012 arrest.

Green-Beckham is a Springfield Hillcrest High School graduate.  He earned 2nd team All-Southeastern Conference honors this season.

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  • Terry Roberts

    These kids are talented, get an education for playing sports, then want to through it all in the toilet for a little high or for some big money. They have suffered for all these years, why not suffer for a few more and get that degree or if you are good enough go into the NFL. Then you will have the money and the things you covet.

    • Julie M

      Terry, receiving a drug possession charge is actually a lot more harmful than doing drugs themselves. It is very possible to smoke marijuana and live productively. This case is just an example of the casual drug use that is oh so common and causes no problems for the user. Why is marijuana illegal, because it is dangerous? No, it was actually made illegal because it wasn’t well researched. What about the players that spend free time drinking alcohol, which is thought to be more harmful than marijuana? If DGB can smoke and play well and finish school, I applaud him. It isn’t our place to judge him, either.

      • Barb Friend

        Drugs are illegal and have been well researched. This guy knew not to do drugs and broke the rules. And people do not function well on pot or any drug. You don’t have your facts right. And yes we do have the right to judge because it is illegal and he got caught!! THats a FACT!! Your comments are not true and stupid. Drugs cause so many problems for people. And people get busted for DUI”s also!!

  • darth

    Part of the deal was he was going to be clean while on the team. Kick him off and give someone else a chance. He is an adult and knew what he was doing. What an idiot! So many other young adults would love to be in his place and can’t.

  • Barb Friend

    SAD that another athlete setting a Bad example for kids. He deserves to go to jail and be charged with a felony. And he should be suspended for the season not just one game. Give his spot on the team to someone that doe not do drugs and wants to follow the rules!!! People leave the drugs alone, they are nothing but trouble! This guy is a idiot!!

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