Family: 2013 murders could’ve been prevented if 2010 murder was solved

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A Kansas man has been charged with murder in the first degree for the death of a woman found in a motel room in Kansas City, Mo. in April 2010.

Prosecutors believe Curtis Horn, 38, strangled Lakeisha Ross, who was 34 years old, and then burned her body. Firefighters found her body on April 10, 2010 at the Relax Inn Motel, located at 6300 Blue Parkway.

DNA connected Horn to her murder after he was arrested for the murders of his then-girlfriend and her niece in March 2013. He reportedly told police that he got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend, Brandi Johnson, 34, and "went too far", strangling her and then setting fire to the apartment to hide evidence, even though he knew the little girl, Amiyah McClenton, 2, was in another room.

"It's sad that they couldn't have caught him back in 2010. You know maybe my sister would still be alive and my niece would still be alive if they would've caught him back then," said LaTia Adams, the younger sister of Brandi Johnson.

DNA obtained after his arrest for their murders matched DNA taken from the Relax Inn Motel, where beer cans and finger scrapings from Lakeisha Ross were found with his DNA, police said.

Investigators also said that Horn's phone number was also the last number and the last several calls Ross received.

If Horn is convicted of Ross' murder, Adams said he should get the death penalty.

"I don't think he should be breathing to be quite honest. Who kills a woman in 2010, walks away, thinks you get away and do it again? He's a monster," she said.

Horn was convicted of Johnson and McClenton's murders and is currently in prison serving his sentence for two counts of first-degree murder.

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  • Channelle Ward

    why isn’t he getting the death penalty a person that kills three people and then set fire to their bodies should not be able to live, KCMO and KCK justice departments do the right thing by theses victims.

  • willa

    D dI wonder why if this evil person was a person in question in 2010 why. Did anyone else have to die before he was found out?? He needs more than life. That is not enough. The death penalty is what he needs. What a waste of life he is. Do your job kck and kcmo.

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