WATCH: Texting driver crashes and flips car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Video captured by a Florida police officer’s dashboard camera shows a driver weaving in and out of lanes before he inevitably flips his car because officers said he was texting and driving.

The driver makes a wide right turn, veers on to the sidewalk, hits a guard rail, a bus sign, and a tree before the car flips.

According to, the 23-year-old driver crawled out of the car uninjured. But the officer was waiting for him. The driver was cited for careless driving and texting while driving.

“This person had no control. He went from driving in the left lane to crashing within seconds, so very scary,” a police officer said on “Pretty incredible. I mean, I can’t really imagine any other thing other than maybe a medical instance that looked like someone maybe had a heart attack behind the wheel and lost total control.”

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  • katie

    I was thinking the same things! Why would the police officer not pul him over and charge him with a texting and driving ticket instead of allowing the driver to be a danger to the road?

  • Patrick McKenzie

    Because if you are building a court case for a DUI, which is what the officer probably thought he had, you don’t immediately pull someone over the first time they cross the yellow line. Unless the danger to other drivers or pedestrians outweighs the need for more evidence. Didn’t see much other traffic or any pedestrians present. Not surprising for 1:11 in the morning.
    The bottom line is he is responsible for what he did, not the cop, not the cellphone manufacturer, nobody else but the driver.

  • Barb Friend

    People need to remember it is a privilage to drive and respect others on the road, Please do not Text while driving- It is dangerous and do not play with your phone. Your eyes should be on the road. TOo many people think they ahve to be constantly messing with their phone which is ridiculous!!

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