Girl accused of selling acid to Park Hill student charged in his death

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PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. -- A 17-year-old girl was charged Wednesday in Platte County with involuntary manslaughter after police say she gave a homemade drug to a 15-year-old boy that killed him.

Krista Meeks is charged with causing the October death of Ethan Rickman, 15. Prosecutors say Meeks told them she knew people could die from it and because of that, wouldn't try it herself.

"She knew it had very harsh and violent effects and had known that others had died from this drug," said Eric Zahnd, Platte Co. Prosecutor. "We allege that she recklessly caused the death of this young man."

The drug mimics the effect of LSD and is called "acid." In her interview with police, officers note that Meeks called the drug a "research chemical."

Meeks and MontgomeryAnother teen, Jamell Montgomery, 18, who prosecutors say was a 'middle man' for the sale, was charged with distribution of an imitation drug.

Rickman was a student at Park Hill High School.

After Meeks' arrest, police say she led detectives to a house in Kansas City, Kan., where she said the homemade LSD was made. Police served a search warrant and recovered 1,800 units of acid.

Police and prosecutors say it's hard for the Missouri legislature to keep up with underground drug makers, making it difficult to prosecute them because the makers simply alter their chemical compounds slightly so the drugs are no longer officially illegal.

Zahnd says the drug Meeks allegedly sold to Rickman wasn't illegal at the time of his death, but Zahnd is still holding her responsible.

"This specific compound at the time it was sold, was not on the FDA's schedule lists of drugs," he said.

Meeks could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison, while Montgomery faces up to four years.

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  • Keely

    Her jail time will be 10-16 months max, based on federal guidelines for involuntary manslaughter with probation to follow. She needs to serve her time, rehab her life and come out of this a better and wiser individual. Sadly, for Ethan and his family, this is not an option. Choose your actions wisely because there are not any do-overs in this life. I choose Peace and Compassion for all involved.

  • bob

    I’m not trying to create an argument, but I’m just trying to apply logic. How is her actions any different than her selling a person a knife, and that person killing (him/her)self with that knife (or car, or anything random that could be used in any way to cause harm to oneself). Is it because the item was illegal? I just don’t see how you can charge her with involuntary manslaughter, because she didn’t force the person to take the drug. I’m ignorant of how the court system can truly apply the law (outside of the obvious, such as someone accidentally shooting someone, or killing another while drunk driving). Anyways … I digress

    • TheCaptain

      You answered your own question, the items you listed are legal to sell, drugs are obviously not legal! She also admitted to knowing that the drugs were very dangerous and death might occur from taking them! When you add it all up they do have a right to charge her!

      • anonymous

        Did you read the entire story?
        “Zahnd says the drug Meeks allegedly sold to Rickman wasn’t illegal at the time of his death”

        I think Bob was asking how she can be charged when the alleged “drug” wasn’t illegal at the time.

        Regardless if you know something to be unsafe morally and ethically you should not be the one that helps others do it.

        You are entitled to your opinion, but actually read the story and get your facts right before attacking people.

  • TheCaptain

    Anonymous Bob I’m not attacking you this is what I’m referencing! “She knew it had very harsh and violent effects and had known that others had died from this drug,” said Eric Zahnd, Platte Co. Prosecutor. “We allege that she recklessly caused the death of this young man.”

  • t bailey

    This is a terrible loss for all the parties involved….but people fail to realize when you put unknown chemicals in your body there is a chance for an adverse reaction that you cannot recover from so the young men involved should also be held responsible for their own consequences as well…If the didn’t seek it out and ingest the drugs then he would probably still be alive and well today…This started from the young men and sadly ended in a tragedy. ..and yes she should be held accountable for the simple fact she knew the consequences and sold it to them anyways for a few dollars in her pocket…so with that said are we going to start holding alcohol manufacturers and tobacco companies responsible for people’s deaths as well? Even though we know the consequences of our alcohol cations when we purchase these items? Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe…people die everyday from tobacco and alcohol. Same concept except the government can’t regulate street drugs alcohol cant make a profit from them so that makes it illegal? I hope this young girl can get her life back on track and pay her price to society and live with the fact someone died behind her careless non compassionate actions. .

    • anonymous

      Remember the news report prior also stated that the young man that survived told ems when they arrived that they had smoked weed as well…so how do we know with the combination of the two drugs that’s not what may have been a contribution to the death as well?

    • dcf

      Yeah,she will be out in no time.I know someone who was in a car with 3 people,they found drugs.Nobody got in trouble but 1 person.This was not the driver,yet he knew about them.The one who got in trouble was someone the police didnt like.Its who you know.

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