Huge sporting complex in Lee’s Summit could attract millions in revenue

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- Another huge soccer complex is in the planning stages for the metro area. Developers want to create a $230 million sports complex and entertainment village on the northeast corner of Interstate 470 and View High Drive. City leaders want it to become a marquis gateway for the western edge of Lee's Summit, Mo.

The city owns about 78 acres that it would combine with private land to create a soccer complex with 14 fields that developers want to be among the best in the nation.

The vision includes restaurants, a 100-room hotel and 250 apartments -- all within walking distance of the synthetic turf fields.

There are plans to include a grocery store, and developers say they're trying to attract a bowling alley and movie theater, to rival the attractions in Kansas City's Power and Light District.

Developers are using the Overland Park soccer complex as a model, but claim Lee's Summit's version will be better because those who come to play here won't have to leave for anything.

"It can be a destination location for a lot of potential participants," said Lee's Summit Mayor Randy Rhoads. "They can come here, the youth can play soccer, but between games there are other things for them to do. Shop, eat. There are actually going to be places to stay here, as I understand it. That has a lot of appeal."

The sports complex would include a championship field with at least 3,500 seats. All the fields will be lit and heated and cooled for year-round play. They also could be used to host lacrosse, which is a growing sport in the metro. Plans also include sand volleyball courts.

Developers claim market studies show the complex could host 21 soccer tournaments a year, attracting 120,000 people on tournament weekends.

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  • Erynn

    seems they’d want to leverage Legacy in this full and integrated model. Soccer, baseball, softball, football and indoor for basketball…an integrated capability could be a differentiator so they don’t have to re-build fields

  • Lynda

    Don’t get excited! Lee’s Summit is well known to come up with stupid reasons to fight anything and everything new! Remember Legoland coming to LS? Remember the first time you could buy clothes in LS? …at anyplace other than K-Mart! People will fight it and it will go someplace else – along with revenues and jobs!

  • Marcy

    It’s not Raytown Rd, it’s View High Drive. The soccer fields that LS has now are too packed. All of the lacrosse teams, which are through parks and rec, play on the High School fields. Competitive teams need a good place to play. I think it’s a great idea to have places to shop and eat while waiting to play the next game.

  • Michelle

    More apartments, shopping, and hotels sounds awesome. As for the soccer fields, I don’t see lees summit getting that into it. What about building an awesome concert hall that can host any kind of genera, country, rock, hip-hop. I think that would attract more people than soccer fields. And it’s still competing with power and light district.

  • DWF

    A 100 room hotel…just enough rooms for 4 or 5 teams. 14 fields can host 28+ team tournaments. So, “developers” for every tournament actually 82% of the teams would have to leave the complex back to their motel and away from your business development. And no family is ever going to go bowling with their sweaty soccer athlete after a game. And you don’t use energy on another sport before a game; soccer coaches even ban swimming. I question if the mayor has ever taken a child athlete away to a competitive level soccer tournament. So many holes and naivety in the proposal. Who the heck wants to be stuck out in the boonies between games anyway with KC so close. How is that ever going to be better than the Overland Park location. It would take a 1,000 room onsite hotel to begin with to start to fill the holes in Swiss cheese of the details.

  • OleSoccerDad

    120,000 people on a weekend, average 4 people per car, 30,000 vehicles per weekend! I am not opposed to the plan, it will just need adequate infrastructure.

    I tend to agree that more hotel space would be required, if not directly at the complex then within 3-5 miles.

  • k

    They get all hyped up with all this wonderful new stuff coming to lees summit and then end up just bringing in trash! Just like how summit fair was supposed to be an upper scale area to compete with zona Rosa and what not and they brought in olive garden and red lobster? And a chic fil a. O and on top of that a fat car wash that sits on the busiest corner of it all? Just sounds like another way to attract more trash to the area.

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