Woman calls former coach, accuses her of sexual abuse, posts to You Tube

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jamie Carrillo recorded video of an emotional phone conversation that showed her calling her alleged female abuser and demanding answers.

ALHAMBRA, Calif. — An assistant principal in California resigned after a 28-year-old woman posted a video to YouTube that she says was a telephone conversation between herself and the administrator, who she claims sexually abused her when she was in middle school.

Jamie Carrillo can be heard in the YouTube video nervously calling the woman she says abused her. She demands an explanation.

(Story continues after YouTube video.)

FOX 4’s sister station, KTLA talked exclusively with Carrillo. Click here to hear what she said about the phone call, and whether she has any regrets about posting it.

Carrillo says the woman was her basketball coach, and claims the abuse began in the locker room; at first she says the woman kissed her and then eventually took her on out-of-town trips and had sex with her.

In the recorded phone call, Carrillo tells the woman she should be disgusted with herself. During the phone call, the woman does not deny the abuse accusations and says, “I regret it.”

The school district sent a letter to parents about the viral video and the administrator. They say she no longer works for the district.

Carrillo said the woman will never be prosecuted because too much time has elapsed since the abuse. KTLA tried to talk to the former teacher and coach, but was unable to reach her.

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  • Rebecca

    I hope you will forgive her even though she did not ask. It is for your benefit tto forgive. I felt the regret and shame in her voice and I hope she is strong enough to deal with this, her sin. She.did make one.excuse that tells me she has not really dealt with it, “I don’t know (what/why) it happened.” She has been humbled and you fed her that with finesse. I am not who does not sympathize with your loss for the years of your shame. I had 16 years of being sexually abused by a brother uncle and myriads of off the wall people in my entire childhood but the Lord was for me, and I overcame the fear of tthe shame. You can overcome this. I could not do what you have done with tthe video. Wow YouTube was so not available 40 years ago. I am pretty sure the statute does not apply to outing a child abuser. You.may have spared or put a.stop.to her ‘helping’ anyone else. I am not sure at what time you realized it was not ok, but forgive yourself also. Don’t let bitterness from this rob your tomorrows. Hang in there.

    • MaLinda RaNae

      Sorry Rebecca, but I have to disagree with you on the forgive her part. This young woman does not have to forgive her just because you feel like there was shame in her voice. This woman (the teacher) should be hung out to dry. It mortifies me that she has been around children so long. Kudos to you Jamie for outing her. I would encourage you to look farther into this and find out directly from law enforcement about the statute of limitations. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My abuser died last year, and I still don’t feel any relief.

  • Brenda Reed

    I agree with ed. You have done all that you can do and at least she was publicly humiliated and lost her job and due to the publicity will not be hired to work around children again. What you did was very brave and the right thing to do. Now you can move on.

  • Chris

    Look into June Hunt’s Ministry in this area, she is a reputable Christian expert in this area and should be an invaluable source to help you. Refuse guilt, it is not yours. Forgiveness will come when you are ready, but what a hugh step you took with this call. And if the abuser is following I recommend that you also contact June Hunt’s ministry, there is hope for you.

    • jose

      listen up @svsdnb u coward POS scumbelly maggot. that lil lady got more ballz than ur useless weasel carcass wld ever have if u lived 10 lifetimes.

      in fact her friends family and ancestors…urs too…shld just say thank you. then genuflect and move along.

      Jamie has done more in one phone call than all career advocates have ever done in their lifetimes…combined. respect.


  • jennifer

    jamie I want to say how sorry i am this happened to you! she openly admitted to her sin and needs to be fired and banned from working with children. I commend you for your bravery in dealing with the demons from your past and hope it helps you move forward! My family will pray for you that you find peace. If i were you i would do everything in my power to see to it that she never sets foot inside a school again!

  • charli

    I am a teacher and I agree she should be punished for what she did to you. We are obligated to at all times protect our students never cause them harm. What you did was so brave! She may still get what she deserves. If she did this to you, perhaps she did this to another. Perhaps you exposing her like this will encourage another victim to come forward, someone who is within the statute. You did nothing wrong. Kids trust us and we are the ones who are to blame if we are not worthy of that trust. Please do not feel defeated because you waited. You needed the time and what you did was stand up for yourself in a big way. You are in control now and even if she does not go to jail, she is ruined. Everyone in America knows her name, her family, her neighbors, her friends, students they all know what she did. She can no longer live her life without constant torment. I hope you can have some peace now and concentrate on your own family and the life you deserve.

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