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Inspiring family looks at the bright side despite challenges

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GARDNER, Kan. -- It's not every day that people who are faced with challenges focus on the bright side.

Ten-year-old Lindsay Cochran was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy -- a rare disorder in which approximately one in 6,000 babies born are affected. Her strong family of four says each day is a challenge, and it's truly inspiring how they deal with these challenges.

"Sometimes I wish I'm not in a wheel chair," said Lindsay.

Lindsay's mother said there were early indicators that something was wrong.

"About eight months old she wasn't meeting some of her growth motor landmarks. She wasn't sitting up unsupported, she wasn't rolling over," said Lindsay's mom Tracy.

SMA is a progressive disease of the motor nerves that causes muscle weakness. Lindsay has limited strength and a shortened life expectancy. There is currently no treatment or cure.

"Of course it's a death of a dream, because you picture your little girl, my husband always pictured him walking her down the aisle when she gets married, but he'll just roll her down the aisle," said Tracy.

Tracy said the community and their faith helped them learn to deal with a new reality.

"It's just different than what everybody else's life looks like," Tracy added.

Trent, Lindsay's older brother, has taken his sister under his wing.

"I knew it was probably going to be challenging, so I just tried to help her as much as I can," said Trent. "I just treat her like a normal person, she's still human."

Trent is said to always step up when Lindsay needs help.

"She needs extra care, and it takes us a lot of time to care for her, but he's always there picking up stuff when she drops it, and when he sees people stare at her like she's weird, he's the first to people know that she's normal just like you and I," says Tracy.

Lindsay says life would be lonelier if it weren't for her big brother.

"I would have my parents obviously, but I wouldn't have anyone that's not working or not busy," she said.

Despite all of their challenges, the Cochran family has constantly looked on the bright side.

"At Disney World you can cut to the front of the line!" Trent said.

"When something bad happens to me something good happens out of it," Lindsay added.

Trent and Lindsay won the "Unsung Hero Award" last year from K-Love -- a radio show dedicating and sharing inspirational stories like theirs. For more information on Spinal Muscular Atrophy, please visit this link.

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