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Police identify woman injured on I-35 by wrong-way driver

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PLEASANT VALLEY, Mo. -- Two people were injured -- one with life-threatening injuries -- after a car crashed into another vehicle early Friday morning. Police identified the person most seriously injured in the accident as Crystal R. Beckett, 33.

The accident happened near I-35 and Pleasant Valley Road near Pleasant Valley, Mo.

Police said shortly before 4 a.m. Friday they received several calls about a wrong-way driver traveling north in the southbound lanes on I-35 near Parvin Road. About 10 minutes later police located the car on I-35 and Pleasant Valley Road after it had crashed into Beckett's vehicle.

Beckett was taken to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries and underwent surgery. The driver suffered minor injuries and a third person was not injured.

Southbound lanes of I-35 were closed for about two hours while crews worked to clear the scene.

The Missouri Highway Patrol continues to investigate the crash.

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  • Shelly Rivera

    I saw the guy on 35. I flashed my lights at him with no response. This accident happen not 2 min after he past me from where I saw him in my lane. OMG, This could have been me. WOW

  • shelly

    When this guy past me he was driving pretty streight in the fast line. even when I flashed my high beams he did not even cross the line. Once he pasted I looked to see if he was even breaking and he was not even slowing down

    • Colonel Dave Garner, USAF, Ret

      If Ms Beckett should die from injuries sustained in this incident, and the other driver is identified as having been impaired due to drugs or alcohol, will you attend Ms Beckett’s funeral and extend your apologies to her family and friends? If you won’t commit to that obligation, then you have no business adding your commentary here.

    • madynlaneylou

      You don’t have to be a trouble maker to be drunk. You just need to have common sense to not drink and drive. It only takes one time. I know the family of the victim and he was definitely drunk. It can take emergency crew about 5 seconds to figure it out once they arrive on the scene. I sure hope she pulls through. If not, this young man will be doing time for a careless mistake.

  • Chris

    Chad undoubtedly made a very poor decision getting in his car and going anywhere. And more cases than not, it’s always the innocent that suffer the most it seems, yes. Unfair! On behalf of Chad’s family and as his brother, I pray that Ms. Beckett comes out of this strong and may God be with her and her family. This is very sad news.

  • John Logston

    This is my little brother were talking about, he is one of the kindest people you could ever meet. He might of made a wrong decision, but yes he will suffer the consequences so please pray for both of them and their families. You all talking like you know whats up doesnt help our pain at all. Thanks

  • T

    Why is it always the innocent one that gets badly injured? Praying for both families, but I have to say I hope this guy gets the punishment that fits the crime here. My dad was on this highway this morning and was there immediately after the crash. This could have been him and it scares me to think about it!

  • john logston

    He does have car insurance. Just no proof on him but how u supposed to find it when ur unconsience. Please people stop with the ignorantt comments. Both families are suffering and your not helping

    • madynlaneylou

      I find it odd that it said “none” for him and “unknown” for her….you’re right, it’s not fair for you all, as his family to be lashed out on. It’s just really hard when an innocent person is fighting for her life bc of your brother. I know you all must feel very lost, as her friends and family as well. Unfortunately your brother will pay for this and hopefully has learned his lesson the hard way. This is definitely something he will battle for the rest of his life.
      I just have a hard time finding sympathy over surgery on an ankle. That family has been through a lot over the last year; their youngest sister was murdered almost a year ago and now this. Unfortunately it’s hard not to blame at this point.

      • T

        I totally agree, madynlaneylou. I find it hard to have sympathy as well when this poor lady is fighting for her life.

  • Makenzie

    The third passenger was in his car. I’m good friends with both of them. It’s not fair other driver, but bashing him and his family on social media will not help her. Try praying as an option. Chad is an amazing person and wouldn’t hurt anyone on purpose. People make mistakes; everyone just has different consequences for their actions. I’ll be praying for him and the other driver.

  • M

    I know both individuals involved. Crystal and chad. Such a sad situation from one single bad decision. Yes chad is a very well mannered young man who is one of the nicest people I’ve met…however I have known crystal as well and she did not deserve this. This is just a terrible terrible situation! Praying over everyone and not picking any sides. Good lord I would know both ppl involved :/

  • A

    The fact is you get to see this young boy again . We have a very slim chance of ever seeing crystal again. This situation is very sad because 2 lives have been ruined, but at least you get to see him and talk to him again. People are very hurt by this so to his family you should understand, what if this was the other way around. You could be making the same comments. So please before you jump on people because there heart is hurting just think she could be your loved one. She is such an amazing person. Prayers are needed. A miracle would also help!

  • Samantha

    Really, again as I said in a previous incident, What is her nephew going to do? His mother is already dead because of an idiotic person. what happens to him when his aunt dies. She is a wonderful person and her nephew has been in the hospital all day. What is up with people, because it seems to me that some a**holes don’t care that they are putting others a risk for their own stupidity.

  • anon

    Chad is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. Prayers for both families. It’s a very unfortunate and sad situation. I feel as though most of you have made poor decisions like this and got away with it. Chad has to live with his actions but it’s important to know he would never hurt anyone on purpose.

  • Donnie TheProfessor Mote

    Stop being ignorant people. Noone deserves to go to prison or die for driving a car. yes he was drunk and yes he fucked up and started driving but lets be real here how many of you have ever got in the car and drove after you had a drink? I love Crystal to death. She could make me smile at the most shittiest times. I was with her when her ex died and shortly after when her sister died. She is very strong but obviously she needs some help from everyone. So stop all of this bickering and start praying

  • Ashley

    Chad is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is so well mannered and very sweet. He would never do this to anyone one purpose. Yes he was driving drunk and yes he made a mistake but everyone makes mistakes. And of course Im praying for the woman and her family. That is very unfortunate for them. But I do know Chad personally and I know he would never do this on purpose to anyone! And yes he will have to pay for his mistakes and face the consequences but people need to quit being judgmental especially since they do not know Chad. I’m very sorry for Crystal and her family but if you don’t know Chad then you don’t have any right to say how horrible of a boy he is or whatever. Im praying for both families!

    • madynlaneylou

      I wouldn’t doubt he’s a good person that made a mistake yesterday morning. We’ve all made mistakes, but there are a lot of why’s and what if’s at this point and of course a lot of shock. Why didn’t the girl with him, if he was completely oblivious, know he was driving on the wrong side of the road? Crystal is still hanging on and I pray she comes out of this. Unfortunately, anger is part of the mourning process (even though she’s still here). I lost a close cousin due to a mistake he made in Oct and I still have a hard time not blaming the girl he was with that night…it’s a natural reaction. This is all so fresh. I’m praying for the best for Crystal and honestly, him, for having to know he made this mistake, bc I couldn’t imagine what that would do to me.

  • Melinda Studna

    I have known akl three of the Beckett sisters for 11 years. Crystal was a bridesmaid in my wedding. I also had the pleasure of meeting their mother and Step father. Let me say, my heart feels so much for the tragedy this family has endured since last February and I know how close of a bond all of them share has sisters, friends, aunt’s and mother’s. It bkiws my mind that anything negative is posted here about Crystal. As for the driver that hit her. The law and court system and God is who you must answer to. I feel anger toward your poor choice and I pray whatever happens you will take a lesson away from it. My thoughts and prayers to both familys.

  • Debby

    In 1956 my father was hit head on by a drunk driver and his passenger. All three died instantly. I recently found the drunk drivers grave and picture online. He was 25. The passenger 21, and my dad 27. Three young men died that night. It is very sad for me to see that 58 years later we still have not grown and learned as a society about drinking and not driving and more families have to suffer the pain.

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