Police seek person of interest in death of man found in ex-girlfriend’s back yard

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70th and Jackson crime scene

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Days after a man was found dead in his ex-girlfriend’s back yard, police have released the picture of a man they are calling a person of interest.

Police are asking for the public’s help in locating Jermaine A. Lane. His last known address was in the 7000 block of Jackson Ave.

On Wednesday, Jan. 29, police were called to a home near 70th and Jackson after a woman returned home from work around 7 a.m. and found the body of her ex-boyfriend in her back yard by her back door. The victim was identified as Rondell E. Robinson, 41. The woman told police he did not live at the home and that the two had broken up a year before.

Jermaine A. Lane

Jermaine A. Lane

Police said Robinson appeared to have injuries consistent with a physical fight, leading investigators to believe he was the victim of a homicide. When his body was discovered, he was not properly dressed for winter weather.

Police are asking anyone with information on Lane, who is considered a person of interest in Robinson’s death, to call the TIPS Hotline at 816.474.TIPS(8477).

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  • another donut, please

    This will more than likely go unsolved like so many other crimes. Has there been a dumbing down of police over the years or am I just imagining things.
    About 3 weeks ago two masked men with guns robbed a bank near N. Oak and Barry in broad daylight and got away with it. I however was driving 42 in a 35 and got a ticket. Where are the priorities?

    • Joe

      You seem to be a good example of “dumbing down”. Because you were driving too fast and got a ticket, now you claim the cops are dumb because they cannot solve every crime. While you point one finger at the cops, you have 3 more pointing at you. Get the point?

  • K.B.

    The police can only do so much. They saw you break the law, they enforce it. Had they been there, Im sure they would have done everythng in their power to stop them, including put themselves at risk. So, mabe theyre not the one dumbing it down…?

  • lashea pickett

    please think about the family of this young man, that’s what matters most. he was someones son, father, brother, uncle and cousin. this could have been your family dying all alone in the cold with no help in sight. how would you feel? the beatdown comment was not called for you have to be alil more considerate of peoples feelings, it could have been your family remember that!

  • Darrell

    I truly don’t understand, Jermaine has always been a good friend to anyone he has encountered. He was the first person from our block to enter a roofers union. I guarantee there is more to this story.

  • lashea

    Are u serious? Rondell will never see another graduation or wedding of any of his children! Have a seat sweetie, Rondell is the victim, and that broad need to be in there with his a**!!

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