Metro man gets support in his fight against deportation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Last night President Barack Obama renewed his call for immigration reform, and this afternoon, part of the reason for that call played out on the streets of Kansas City. This time the ongoing debate over immigration centers on a man  who has lived peacefully, but illegally in Kansas City for about 16 years.

As they prepare to deliver a letter to an immigration officer, members of the clergy who make up Communities Creating Opportunity or "CCO" said a short prayer.

They're praying for the release of Josue Noe Sandoval Perez.

He faces deportation on Friday if the government  doesn't allow him more time.

"All we're asking for is time for our client in order to make another appeal for legal residency," said Deacon Tom Powell from St. Anthony Catholic Church.

The deacon at Perez's church, St. Anthony's Catholic Church, says Perez has been an upstanding member of society for the 16 years he's lived in the U.S., even though he's not in the country legally, but his two children are.

"It'd be a great injustice and a great amount of suffering for them, if he was deported now," Powell said.

But Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach says the laws are in place for a reason.

"To say that the law should be enforced in one instance, but not in another instance, I think it's unfair," Kobach said.

"Independent economists say immigration reform will grow our economy and shrink our deficits by almost $1 trillion in the next two decades," the President said in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

Kobach also takes issue with that contention, saying that immigration reform done the President's way won't improve the economy.

"If he were serious about helping unemployed Americans, this certainly wouldn't be the right time to talk about amnesty," Kobach said.

Josue was detained last week, according to CCO, he had no criminal record.  There will be a rally held in front of immigration court at Washington Park in support of Josue on Friday at 12:15.

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  • Mike in Lenexa

    I have a lot of questions about this story:

    1) If someone comes to this country illegally aren’t they a criminal and the penalty is deportation? So why is this station advocating that the State enforce the law selectively in this case? Has Josue been peaceful while in this country for 16 years?

    2) What is your definition of peaceful? Entering a country illegally isn’t peaceful (try that in Iran or North Korea) – doesn’t that demonstrate that you disrespect the laws of our country?

    3) How did his children become citizens? He would be a citizen if he married a citizen while here, and we wouldn’t be talking about it. They likely became citizens because they were born here. Having children here is not a crime, but using them as leverage to avoid deportation is common.

    4) How did he make a living here? If he worked here, how did he pay taxes? If he paid taxes, did he do it under his name? If not, Isn’t that a crime. If he didn’t pay taxes, isn’t that a crime? I don’t think I could get a way with that no matter how many clergy came to my defense. If he didn’t work here, why did he come, and how did he make a living to support his family legally?

    5) How did he get around? Did he drive? If he did, how can you get a drivers license or insurance without being a citizen (or legal immigrant) ? Isn’t driving without a license or insurance a crime?

    Instead of doing this fluff, why don’t you investigate how many people are not paying taxes, driving without licenses or insurance, obtaining benefits, or other “peaceful” acts while in this country illegally.

    Most of the viewers (in Kansas anyway) are likely asking the same questions and would be more interested in watching those stories. We can tune into MSNBC for this type of story.

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