Victim alleges he was introduced to shooting suspect through area bus driver

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- A Raytown school bus driver is facing drug allegations by a man shot three times inside a Blue Springs home on Monday.

That's not all FOX 4 found in an investigation into that school bus driver. A deeper look led FOX 4 to the Raytown School Districts Bus Garage where Cherrie Kemp is a bus driver for the district.

Court records say an argument between an alleged drug supplier and his street-level dealer led to a shooting inside a Blue Springs duplex on Monday.

Kemp's son lives with the victim and Kemp lives in the duplex next door.

"He ran downstairs and his friend was screaming, 'Help! Help!' And he didn't see anybody," Kemp told FOX 4 after the shooting on Monday.

Court documents say the street-level dealer ended up in the hospital with three bullet wounds.

"Whoever it is, they are just totally wrong and I feel like they just, they totally invaded my privacy, my home," Kemp said Monday.

Court documents released indicate that assault and armed criminal action charges were filed against Mandel Perkins, who also goes by the alias: "Popeye."

The victim says he was behind on rent, so he say Kemp introduced him to Popeye. He says he was supposed to be selling marijuana for Popeye so he could pay his bills.

Kemp spends her mornings and afternoons in Raytown driving kids on a school bus. Parents outside a Raytown school weren't overly concerned.

"Well, I wouldn't want my kid to be on the bus probably, but if she got help and was okay, I wouldn't be afraid to let my grandson back on the bus," said one grandmother whose grandson rides the bus.

When asked about the allegations, the Raytown School District said in a statement that it has received no inquires from the law. In the event that they do, they will fully cooperate.

A spokesperson for the Raytown School District said Kemp was hired in August of last year.

She said background checks are done for every district employee, but would not get into what may have come up on Kemp's.

But in an online court history check we found that Kemp has had at least two orders of protection filed against her in Jackson County in the past eight years.

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