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Parents of 2-year-old found outside plan to fight charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The parents of a young girl who was found wandering around outside in the freezing cold temperatures, in only a diaper are planning to fight the charges against them.

Around 3 o’clock on Saturday, a two-year-old girl was found outside in the 9800 block of View High Drive, wearing only a diaper. A snow plow driver was driving by and noticed the child, who was outside in the front yard of a home. The driver who found the child, put the her inside of their vehicle and then contacted police. Police later determined the child had been outside for a minimum of 15 minutes in the cold.

The child’s parents were located inside their home, just a short distance away from where the child was found. Police also observed other conditions inside the home, but did not release details. Police said a child abuse hotline was also contacted. Both parents have been issued city charges.

On Sunday, a FOX 4 reporter visited the home of the girl's parents and spoke with them off camera. The young couple said they have two children, the two-year-old girl and a one-year-old. The father said he had put the two children down for a nap, and didn't hear the two-year-old girl sneak out of the door. He said he didn't realize anything was wrong until the police knocked on the door. He said his daughter never left their front yard, and that both he and the girl's mother plan to fight the charges against them.

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  • whats up with that

    ” The person, who found the child, put the two year old inside their vehicle and then contacted police” What’s up with the commas in this sentence? And “Police also observed other conditions inside the home…” Well, of course they did. This doesn’t indicate anything about what those conditions were, and is poorly written. A more complete news item would have included the temperature at the time the child was found. Did the child remain with the parents? If they’re being charged with child abuse, why would they leave the toddler there? If there wasn’t abuse, but an unfortunate case of temporary inattention, why are they being charged? If I just read a news story about this, why do I still have so many questions?

    • I'm a copy editor

      That’s actually correct comma usage. “who found the child” is set off with commas because if you removed it from the sentence, the sentence would still make sense. It’s called a non-essential clause.

      • witty

        I agree this article, regardless of comma placement, is poorly written. It leaves reader puzzled and feeling like we didn’t get much information

  • Juli Schlie

    I do not, in any way, say that the rest of you are wrong in your opinions. However, I DO know that 2 year old children are wonderful escape artists. They are in the stage of discovery and examination and exploration. It’s not called the terrible two’s for nothing. Whereas I agree the parents should have been more diligent, I don’t agree with bashing them so quickly. I have been a care giver to many children throughout the years, and I worked in a local school district for many years in behavior intervention. The natural curiosity of children is very time consuming, and all too many times a care giver finds themselves in a position of saving the child from themselves. I do not , for a minute, believe that these parents wanted their child to be outside with no clothing. As a society, we need to lighten up a bit on all the accusations. Remember, “There, but by the grace of God, go I”.

    • etyler06

      Thank you for your positive incite. I have five children, run a daycare and have worked with children most of my life. I know how curious they are. You never know what they will do and it is completely unreasonable to think the worse of these parents. They laid their daughter down for a nap and they thought they knee where she was. She sounds very adventurous. I’m just thankful she was found so quickly and is safe.

    • Ingrid

      “Lighting up?!?” Lighting up about a baby only in a diaper in the cold for 15min?? That’s ridiculous. That type of response is what caused this poor child to be left neglected. Julie, how about you go outside only wearing a “diaper” in freezing weather for 15min. I doubt you’ll be saying,”lighting up!” Jus saying..

      • Juli Schlie

        Ingrid, I was simply stating that, as a society, we should not be so quick to judge. It is not our place. I never said the parents were right, just that there may be excruciating circumstances that we are unaware of. The media can only give us so much information due to on going investigations.

  • JS Owens

    Not sure what the conditions inside the home were, but when our daughter was that little we had to install door locks on the top of all our outside doors because she was an escape artist also.

  • Judy A.

    OH MY! Have you NEVER had a child that was an ‘escape artist? Do you even realize how frightening it can be for a parent to realize their darling child managed to evade all of the safety measures they had taken? I feel for these parents, and I think too many people are assuming they are BAD before all of the facts are known!

    • Joe

      Yes, they are bad because they neglected their child and she could have been kidnapped or died. Stop making excuses for them. We all know kids try to escape but that is why the parents are supposed to take preventive measures.

  • mother of three and grandmother of three

    As scary as it might be, this might had been the first time she went out the door. And like one reader said they had a lay her down to sleep. I know I didn’t have any trouble with my kids, Other than my son around that age made it out an license home daycare made it out the front door without being notice, but that was the last time he did that, and she had to keep up with him because he was always doing something. Now my two youngest grandchildren you have to keep a very close eye on even while asleep, we had to go the extra mile and than some. But what I can’t understand is how she got out there if it was cold and she didn’t go back in. Even if she couldn’t surely she would have been banging on the door. I know my would.

  • Ruairi MacRae

    They have a two year old and a one year old. They put them down for a nap and probably collasped. Their house was probably a mess too, that is how it is at that age. Doesn’t mean they are bad parents. They need to add an extra high lock to prevent it from happening again. Lay off if you don’t have kids or even if you do. If you didn’t have one that could get out of the house you wouldn’t understand.

    • Becky

      What’s to understand? You don’t leave a knife within reach of a toddler. You don’t leave a lighted candle in reach of a toddler. If a child cuts or burns him or herself, it’s the fault of the parent. Call it an accident if you like, but it’s the accident caused by a parent’s neglect.

  • Lost all faith in humanity

    I snuck out of the house at that age, my wife snuck out of the house at that age, her sister made it all the way to the end of the street at that age and countless others I’ve talked to have said the same thing. Back in the day there were these mythical awesome people that would live around you called good neighbors who would look out for each other and understood things like this and simply laugh and take the child back to their house. Thank god we didn’t have the Nazi neighbors that are lurking around everywhere now eager to try and destroy familes and point fingers and pretend that they are always aware of everything at all times and make no mistakes. Shame on you people. You are what is wrong with America these days!

  • i did the same thing

    I used to walk out the back door all the time. It was never neglect etc. I have the most loving and caring parents possible who have done absolutely everything they can for me. When I was that age my older brother and I used to use a little broom and knock the latch off the door a sneak out. Hell my brother when he was three used to wait right until my parents left the room would strip down and ride his tricycle naked in the snow.. I with my parents in the car wouls unnatural myself out of my car seat. Not knowing the dangers and would pop up to the front seat and kiss my daddy’s cheek. He’d pull the car over put me back in my carseat and discipline me. We are sneaky as children. I bet you people love when people shove the I parenting techniques down your throat dont you. Just perfect parents. Goodness gracious. Things happen.. im not saying that this should happen but it does happen… i understand the aggressive parenting and the helicopter parents always checking on their child. And that is wonderful it is.. but as parents we all make mistakes… their daughter outsmarted them as many toddlers do..

  • Betsy Wactor- Mathews

    I was working in the back yard while my son was napping and he woke up and went out the front door looking for me and went to the neighbor’s house across the street. He was so shy, I would never have predicted he would go across the street. The yard work had to be done because the City was on me about it and there was nobody else to do it. I couldn’t afford to pay anybody. I thought he would sleep longer than he did. I didn’t have any friends because I had moved from one town back to the family home after my parents had moved. After that my whole family came over to help get the yard in shape. They didn’t volunteer before when I was worried about getting it done. Sometimes parents need a little help. My sister and I got out of the house when our mother was napping with the baby. She put a lock at the top of the door and we still got out. You can’t go without sleep forever. Kids do things you don’t expect. Maybe they were neglectful or maybe they just needed a nap. Kids can go from taking long naps to short ones seemingly overnight. Apartments should have child locks on all doors if we’re going to prosecute parents for this. Most have policies
    that prevent you from putting holes in the doors.

  • mother of a 3 yr old and 2 year old.

    This is why i have a chain lock asst the top of my door where my oldest can’t reach it. He is an escape artist the day he could unlock my front door was the day i installed the locks. I know it can be scary. But theseparents might not have known she could get out the door. Hope and that they get some locks so this doesn’t happen again. My boys were gonna be on the news for wondering around.

  • Lala

    If its you then it’s a terrible accident and when someone else it’s always abuse and neglect. What would u say if it happened to you, would u call urself abusive and neglectful? If every child that escapes out the door and gets taking away there would be no space left in a safehouse for actually abused children live. And also the parents of a first 2 year olds learn on a day to day basis of raising them. If u take that little girl away from her fam just for that one mistake the parents had and her going from one foster to another, are u really helping her or actually hurting her? Parents of a first 2 year old deserve a second chance to learn too. All of u made a mistake at one point of ur raising your children so don’t act like you all perfect. Just think back as even when ur kid puts something in her mouth or grabbed something the not suppose to and etc. maybe we all should lose our kids for neglect then. Quit judging just cause u got lucky and wasn’t reported for accidents.

  • Juli

    I’m really amazed at the lynch mob mentality here. 20-30 years ago you’d never hear if someone’s kid got away from them. The only reason you hear it now is because the news media has found that the sensationalism of pointing fingers without a lot of information sells!! It’s all about money….not the kid. Too too bad for all of us in this society. We point fingers, get someone in trouble because WE think we’re so smart and know what is best, then we never care again about these people or their kid. Years later, after being separated from it’s parents and raised in a dysfunctional foster home, that same kid in trouble on the streets, you’ll all scream for the kid to have the book thrown at them. What a crying shame!

  • tailer


    Has anybody ever had a child running off? I put my son to sleep when was three-years old. He got up when I was doing laundry and went outside. I was shocked when my neighbor knocked on my door ten minutes later with my son! I don’t know the families situation but it could be a simple explanation.
    Thank goodness the child’s ok but don’t be so quick to judge.