FOX 4 Live Blog: Keeping up with the winter storm

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We’ll be tracking developments as snow begins and how it affects your morning commute onto the afternoon when snow is expected to get heavier. Check this live blog for information from our meteorologists and web team as we provide comprehensive coverage for our most significant winter storm to date in 2014.

Michelle Bogowith February 6, 20146:53 am

Been working on stats this morning… Check this out!

Michelle Bogowith February 5, 20148:07 am

Guess what? It is National Weatherperson’s Day!

Michelle Bogowith February 5, 20147:48 am

Our viewers had some not so official ways of measuring the snow… love your creativity KC!



Michelle Bogowith February 5, 20147:47 am

Official KCI storm total snowfall at 6AM… 9.2 inches!

Michelle Bogowith February 5, 20147:17 am

Single digit temperatures this morning… factor in the winds coming at us from the north at 15-20 mph and the wind chill – or feels like temp – is between 10 and 20 below zero!

Michelle Bogowith February 5, 20146:35 am

The snow continues to wind down and head east this morning… but now we deal with the bitter cold and blowing snow! Make sure that you are layering up before heading out this morning. Temperatures will struggle and remain in the single digits for most of the day before tanking in a BIG way tonight!

Michelle Bogowith February 5, 20146:03 am

Good Morning! Light snow continues to push east as this winter storm slowly comes to an end. Impressive snow totals have come out of this system, with many viewers seeing between 8-10 inches! Officially at KCI, we set a new daily record for snowfall yesterday… 7.5″ fell, just barely edging out the old record of 7.4″ from 1924!

Joe Lauria February 4, 20149:55 pm

Here are the top snowfall reports from the NWS in Pleasant Hill…add in Chillicothe at 11″

Joe Lauria February 4, 20149:55 pm

Thought I’d pass along some of the top snowfall totals from the NWS in Topeka…

Joe Lauria February 4, 20149:10 pm

I have major concerns about the potential low temperatures on THU AM…snow cover + light winds + clear skies are a recipe for near record cold in KC. I’ve updated the blog with some additional information

Joe Lauria February 4, 20148:28 pm

Plattsburg checked in with 10″

Joe Lauria February 4, 20148:08 pm

5 and 3/4″ here on Signal Hill…Smithville, MO 8″…Trenton 6.5″…3 mi E Lees Summit 6″…Bethany: 5″…Lawrence, KS 9.3″…Wamego: 12″…Holton: 10″

Joe Lauria February 4, 20147:18 pm

Joe Lauria February 4, 20146:24 pm

Joe Lauria February 4, 20146:05 pm

Final update for now on KCI…3 flights already cancelled tomorrow AM…more possible if planes don’t come in later tonight and miss turnaround for tomorrow AM.

Joe Lauria February 4, 20145:59 pm

Meanwhile here are the arrivals and the delays/cancellations

Joe Lauria February 4, 20145:58 pm

A look at how things are going up at KCI…there are some flights still coming into the area…the airport is still open…these are departures from

Joe Lauria February 4, 20145:52 pm

Andrew Lynch February 4, 20145:51 pm

So… what’s next???

Joe Lauria February 4, 20145:36 pm

RE: previous surface map image…notice the single digit temperatures from the I-80 corridor northwards…bitterly cold air! ^JL

Joe Lauria February 4, 20145:35 pm

Here is a look at the surface weather map from 5PM…temperatures are in RED…snow reports are little *’s. 2 *’s light snow…3 *’s moderate snow and 4* heavy snow!

Andrew Lynch February 4, 20145:30 pm

Monica Evans is going to mention an Olathe program called the Snow Brigade when she comes on air again. It’s a volunteer program where people can help the elderly with snow removal in their driveways and sidewalks. Here’s a link to the application:

Andrew Lynch February 4, 20145:21 pm

FOX 4’s Monica Evans shows us that timeless Snow Day tradition of making a snow angel. 

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20145:12 pm

Mayor Sly James, KCMO, is asking employers to stagger their start times on Wednesday morning so that not everyone is on the roadways at the same time.

Here’s his proposal: 

Businesses south of 63rd Street start at 8 a.m. Businesses in the center of the city from 63rd Street to the river start at 9 a.m. Businesses north of the river, start at 10 a.m.

Joe Lauria February 4, 20145:02 pm

Still snowing at a good clip, especially to the NW of the KC Metro

Kasey Babbitt February 4, 20144:47 pm

Many don’t realize all the time and technology it takes to monitor the roads during severe winter weather. On Tuesday, FOX 4’s John Pepitone gave us a little insight on the KDOT and MODOT Scout monitoring systems and those who watch the hundreds of cameras in an effort to keep roads safer.

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Joe Lauria February 4, 20144:38 pm

Radar update for you from FOX 4Warn Darker blues are heavier snows…^JL

Andrew Lynch February 4, 20144:32 pm

Tuesday was a great day to stay home and order pizza, but
that means no Snow Day for delivery drivers. FOX 4’s Matt Hensley spent part of
his day riding along with a driver from Sarpino’s. 

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Andrew Lynch February 4, 20144:11 pm

Andrew Lynch February 4, 20144:06 pm

The city of Overland Park says on Twitter that crews have finished round 1 on its principal roads and will go back over them as snow keeps falling. Check out this short video they produced from the perspective of a snow plow driver:

Joe Lauria February 4, 20144:03 pm ^JL

Joe Lauria February 4, 20144:01 pm

Here are some of the snow totals received since noon today…some of this may be dated a bit with the snow between reports.

Andrew Lynch February 4, 20143:49 pm
Joe Lauria February 4, 20143:42 pm

The dry slot that was moving towards KC is actually starting to slide off towards the ESE of most of the Metro…snow (moderate at times is now moving back into the region and I’m expecting an additional 2-4″ on top of what you already may have on the ground IF you live from KC northwestwards. ^JL

Andrew Lynch February 4, 20143:28 pm

From our photog David (@DavidFox4KC on Twitter) showing 5 hours of snow falling on the Plaza in only 22 seconds. 

Joe Lauria February 4, 20143:26 pm

As of 3:30 PM accumulations through the region seem to be running a solid 3.5″ to close to 7″ in spots…starting to see a lot of 4-6″ers coming into the wx center…snowfall rates dropping briefly in some areas will be picking back up again over the next few hours…still expecting upwards of 9″ in parts of the area…especially for those who have had 5-6″ already. ^JL

Joe Lauria February 4, 20142:50 pm

Meanwhile in Leavenworth, KS…they’re up to 7″

Joe Lauria February 4, 20142:47 pm

A request from our twitter account (@fox4wx)…same routine…temperatures in RED.

Joe Lauria February 4, 20142:19 pm

Meanwhile ..don’t hate me…here is what’s going on in Florida…the temperatures are in RED…that is nice…lots of 80s with dewpoints near 70°…the heat index is between 85-90°….don’t hate me ;)

Joe Lauria February 4, 20142:17 pm

Our friends on the southside doing well…Freeman, MO should be close to 5-6″ by now…but will see the rates taper off for a few hours soon…

Joe Lauria February 4, 20142:14 pm

Here are the top snowfalls for this date going back to the 1880s…I don’t think the record will be broken at KCI for today’s date right now…

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20141:24 pm

From KCMO: During this extreme cold and snowy weather, the City of Kansas
City, Mo., reminds residents to take precautions to protect their pet animals.
The City’s Animal Control staff will impound pets found outside and issue
citations to their owners. Residents may report pet animals left outdoors by
calling the City’s 311 Call Center at 311 (or 816-513-1313) from 7 a.m. to 7
p.m. Call the non-emergency police at 816-234-5111 to report pet animals left
outside after-hours.

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20141:12 pm

Legends Outlets Kansas City will close at 2:00 p.m. today, February
4, 2014, due to the inclement weather. Retailers and restaurants may stay open
at the discretion of each individual retailer or restaurant.

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20141:07 pm

This picture was sent to us by Terri Evans through our FOX 4 KC app. Thanks Terri! 

Description: Good deed caught–nice guy pulling the UPS truck up a hill. Just missed catching the driver giving an appreciative hug. More brown, less white please!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20141:02 pm

Shift Change in the weather department! Karli and I will be back early tomorrow morning… Mike and Joe have you covered for the rest of the day!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20141:01 pm

Fox 4 Warn Radar update… Snow continues to fall as we head into the afternoon. Visibility still down to a half mile or less.

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 201412:56 pm

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 201412:48 pm

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 201412:34 pm
Michelle Bogowith February 4, 201412:33 pm

Here is the latest update on forecast snow totals for Kansas City. We are still expecting to see between 6-10″ of snowfall.

Sarah J. Clark February 4, 201412:31 pm

Live look at road conditions here:

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 201412:22 pm

Snow continues to fall across the area reducing visibilities to less than 1/2 mile… in some cases 1/4 mile! Conditions continue to deteriorate, please do not travel unless it is absolutely necessary.

Sarah J. Clark February 4, 201412:14 pm

Kansas City Mayor Sly James said there are no major issues on the roads right now. He said crews will be out for the next 12 hours clearing streets.

Sarah J. Clark February 4, 201412:12 pm

Here’s a current look outside our front door. It’s cold and windy out there!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 201412:08 pm

Impressive snow totals already coming in at the lunch hour… The highest snowfall total we have received is 5″ in Freeman, MO. We will continue to watch the snow fall into the evening hours. An updated snow forecast on the way!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 201411:22 am

Snow totals starting to come in… so far in South KC: 3.3″; Osawatomie: 4″; Gardner: 2″; Olathe: 2″

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 201410:51 am

Fox 4 Warn Radar update… Heavier snow band moving north towards KC…snowfall rates/intensity picking up within the hour.

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 201410:23 am

Thanks, Jason Hughey for this photo you sent in through our fox 4 kc app! Download the app today to share your own snow photo with us. Or– upload it directly to our photo gallery on

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 201410:21 am

The latest on Fox 4 Warn Radar… heavy snow bands moving in from the south. Visibility currently dropping below 1 mile across the area.

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20149:34 am

“Keeping with the spirit that we’ve established
in the city. Tell your neighbors. When you get home and see someone parking on
the wrong side of the street, tell them what the deal is. Help them out,” said KCMO Mayor Sly James.

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20149:31 am

“We will be enforcing all of our snow policies,” said Troy Schulte, KCMO City Manager. “Cars that are blocking access will be ticketed and towed.” 

If you must park on the street, park on the WEST side if it’s a north/south street. Park on the NORTH side if it’s a street that runs east/west.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20149:04 am

Fox 4 Warn Radar 9am update…. snow starting to pick up, visibilities going down, and road conditions deteriorating fast.

Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20148:40 am

Would you like to track the progress of the city’s snow plows? Links here:

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20148:36 am

Here is a Fox 4 Warn Radar update…. heavy snow bands will move in from the south and snow will begin to pick up!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20148:23 am

Here is an updated forecast from Karli Ritter!

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Michelle Pekarsky February 4, 20148:16 am

Have you downloaded the FOX 4 app yet?– Today’s the day! Just search ‘fox 4 kc’ in your app store. Then, as the snow grows taller, send up your most excellent pictures through our app. It’s quite easy. Just look for the asterisk * in the top right corner and then choose Submit Photo or Video.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20148:14 am

Snow will start to pick up as we move into late morning… the heaviest snow is just to our southwest. Road conditions continue to deteriorate as the day moves on.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20147:52 am

Fox 4 Warn Radar update… Snow will start to increase in intensity later this morning as the main energy of the system moves in from the south!

Sarah J. Clark February 4, 20147:29 am

If this is what we have to look forward to, I think it’s time we move to Florida.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20147:25 am

Fox 4 Warn Radar update… a little lull in activity around the metro. Snow continues to the northwest and southeast of the metro. The snowfall really starts to pick back up later this afternoon as the main wave moves in!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20147:17 am

We are expecting 6-10″ of snow here for the KC Metro… Will we crack the top 5? We will just have to wait and see.
Top 5 Daily February Max Snows for KC: 

11.8″ 27th/1900
10.5″ 25th/1993
9.8″ 18th/1926
9.5″ 25th/1912
9.2″ 21st/2013

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20147:00 am
Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20146:52 am

Fox 4 Warn Radar update… Heaviest bands of snow still falling to the northwest and southeast of the metro.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20146:35 am

With a significant amount of snowfall on the way to KC… you may be asking how rare are these big snow events? Well… since record keeping began in 1888 here in Kansas City, only 3.6% of events had 6″ or more of snow!

Sarah J. Clark February 4, 20146:23 am

Download our mobile app for continuous weather updates, live streaming and news. Click here for links:

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20146:22 am

Fox 4 Warn Radar update… heaviest snow bands are just off to the northwest and southeast of the metro.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20146:11 am

Here is an updated forecast from Karli Ritter!

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20146:02 am

The record daily snowfall for today in KC is 7.4″ set back in 1924… Think we can break it? Well with these forecast snow totals… I think we just might! Here is what you can expect.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20145:47 am

Here is a Fox 4 Warn Radar update

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20145:29 am

Now that we are seeing the snow reach the surface… just know that this will continue for the rest of the day. Conditions only get worse from here on out!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20145:24 am

The latest on Fox 4 Warn Radar… Starting to get more reports of snow reaching the surface. Here we go!

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20144:59 am

Snow reports starting to come in… light snow starting to reach the surface in Garnett, KS. Let us know what you are seeing! Send tweets to @MBogowith and @KarliRitter

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20144:49 am

Here is the latest on Fox 4 Warn Radar… Snow falling to our west near Manhattan still but struggling to reach the surface here in the viewing area.

Michelle Bogowith February 4, 20144:15 am

Good Morning! The forecast is updated and we are waiting on the snow to begin here in Kansas City. Right now, snow is falling in Manhattan, KS. This will continue to work its way east throughout the morning.

Andrew Lynch February 3, 201411:23 pm

The latest forecast from Mike Thompson as seen at 10 p.m. on Monday night:

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