Joe’s Weather Blog: Snow Again + Bitterly Cold

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Several disturbances are racing through the region today…and the first one brought a surge of moderate to briefly heavy snow into the area…and because of the fluffy nature of the snow…it accumulated quickly. I measured 1″ at the house here in Olathe and some may end up with 2″ out of this where the bands persist.

By the time things wind down some may end up with nearly 2″ of snow and there may be some isolated areas with a bit more than that. Another wave is across SE NE and is moving towards the ESE now…perhaps it may focus some of it’s snows a little farther northwards into areas north of I-70…we’ll see how that pans out during the afternoon.

Here is a look at radar from the NWS in Pleasant Hill showing the snow moving through…


As mentioned there is another wave in SE NE that needs to be watched as it moves through the region later this afternoon…and creates more snow for some.

As of 1PM it seems most of the reports indicated amounts up to 1″ in areas around KC. Again those numbers will go up a bit as the afternoon moves along.

The next headache for us is the bitterly cold weather that’s slowly seeping into the region this afternoon.Here is the 1PM surface map showing the temperatures in RED…notice the cold air in the region and with north winds that cold air is oozing southwards today


Readings are into the teens now and should start the morning tomorrow around 5° or so…perhaps colder towards N MO. Tomorrow will be cold with highs in the teens and then the stage is set for potentially another sub-zero morning on Tuesday as lows should tank in the region to 5 to 15° below 0 on the assumption skies are clear.

I still expect to see some moderation to the temperatures starting on WED with highs in the 30s…then we should be in the 40s on THU with another clipper moving through that may drop highs a bit on Friday.

Speaking of snow…want to see how others are doing across the country…I saw this tweet come across my timeline this afternoon…take a look.

Some pretty hefty totals out there.

Watch the roads…more than a handful of accidents out there.


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