Joe’s Weather Blog: The Grind Of Winter

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One of our readers commented to me yesterday on our twitter account (fox4wx) that it sure seemed like this winter has been more or less a long grind. It was in response to the tweet I sent out yesterday evening in regards to the fact that yesterday was our 31st day with high temperatures 32° or below since Thanksgiving and it was, including yesterday our 10th day in a row!

All pretty impressive…so I wanted to do research into seeing just how much of a grind it’s been this winter in terms of these cold high temperatures. So let’s continue the thought process above…and go with the time period from 12-01 to 2/10 (including today’s date) and calculate through the last 40 or so years how many days we’ve had with highs 32° or below.

So far from 12/1/2013 thru today we’ve had 32 days

12/1/2012-2/10/2013: 14 (interesting for what was going to happen in late FEB with the snowstorms that were soon to come)
12/1/2011-2/10/2012: 7 (winter without snow)
12/1/2010-2/10/2011: 35
12/1/2009-2/10/2010: 31
12/1/2008-2/10/2009: 20
12/1/2007-2/10-2008: 26
12/1/2006-2/10/2007: 21
12/1/2005-2/10/2006: 11
12/1/2004-2/10/2005: 20
12/1/2003-2/10/2004: 27
12/1/2002-2/10/2003: 17
12/1/2001-2/10/2002: 11
12/1/2000-2/10/2001: 29
12/1/1999-2/10/2000: 13

You get the idea for time reference…

12/1/1991-2/10/1992: 5 (!)
12/1/1978-2/10/1979: 45
12/1/1977-2/10/1978: 44
12/1/1976-2/10/1977: 38
Finally 12/1/1973-2/10/1974: 28

I highlighted a few of the more noteworthy years…notice that the late 70s which many remember as being so darn cold during the winter season were a definite grind for sure with many more days of temperatures 32° or below for highs.

So over those 41 years…the average from 12/1-2/10 was 23 days…needless to say we’re well above that average this year. The average for the period from 1981-2010 is 27 days…and we’re comfortably above that as well.

So if you’re feeling like it’s been a drag…you’re right on target.

Our high today will struggle to get to 15° and my hopes of getting any sunshine don’t look to good based on he latest visible satellite pictures which are showing a wealth of clouds out there moving this way. Here is the image from earlier this AM…you can see the snow on the ground to the east of the KC area…and everything else is clouds.


How extensive the clouds are tonight will determine how cold we get…should we clear out…temps will crater with lows sub-zero to down to -15° (or colder) in parts of north-central MO. IF the clouds don’t clear out…we’ll be closer to 5° or so overnight tonight. So a large difference based on the cloud cover.

No significant storms are expected around the region for the next 7-10 days or so…we should see a warming trend…hopefully above freezing on Wednesday then the 40s on Thursday as we start really melting some snow. There are positive signs for the weekend, including a chance we could see the 50s either this coming Sunday or Monday depending on the speed of the disturbances that will be tracking through the country. As a matter of fact the EURO has a very warm look to it in about 8-10 days or so, which if taken as gospel would mean highs in the 60s (!). We’ll see how that pans out though. The GFS is doing it as well to a large extent…so keep your fingers crossed.

That’s it for today…stay warm and enjoy your day…and thanks for reading the FOX 4 Weather Blog!


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  • Patrick Trudel (@sedsinkc)

    Thanks for crunching the numbers Mr. Lauria. This winter’s chill is certainly bad compared to average. Still “feels” like more than 32 days to me, because of the long grind. Last week I did some research that I posted to another weather site re number of cold season days with temps 0 or less. So far this winter we’re at 10 for KCI. Those two winters of 1977-78 and 1978-79 which lead the number of sub 32 degree days to this date of the winter are also the two winters with the most total days of zero or lower for the entire winter (going back as far as 1963-64) with 20 each.

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