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Teen arrested after crashing stolen school bus at a gas station

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — While contrite and claiming something of an alibi, a St. Paul, Minnesota teenager is in juvenile detention after police suspect he stole a school bus and crashed at a gas station on Monday. TV station WCCO reports┬áthat officers were dispatched to a Shell gas station shortly before 8 a.m. where a 14-year-old had sideswiped a fuel pump island with the stolen bus.

WCCO reports that the station manager kept him in custody until police arrived. The teen said he was sorry and claimed he was trying to return the bus back to its station.

Everything got started when the original driver had left it unattended for about 20 minutes while picking up coffee at gas station.

A news release from the Roseville Police Department indicates the teen told officers that he believed the bus was “abandoned” and admitted to taking it. The teen said he drove it back the bus company’s lot, however, he became scared when he overheard on the bus radio that police had been dispatched to find it.

After that, the teen said he decided to leave the terminal. The company’s operations manager was aware of the situation and said he had received a call from his driver indicating the bus had been stolen and also saw the bus enter the lot.

The manager told police that he followed the bus and at one point tried to order the teen suspect to stop. However, the teen accelerated through a red light and proceeded to the gas station where he crashed.

If convicted of felony auto theft, the teen could spend five years in confinement, be ordered to pay a fine of $10,000, or be subject to both penalties. The bus itself is valued at $45,000 according to RPD. A 30-year veteran of the police force told WCCO he had never seen anything like this incident.

“In my 30 years this is a first for me. I’ve never heard of a 14-year-old stealing a school bus, which is extremely unusual. We’re just fortunate that no one was hurt during this ordeal,” Lieutenant Lorne Rosand told WCCO.

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  • Mike Leeman

    its the bus drivers fault for leaving it running here in missouri you leave your keys in a car or vehicle running or not and someone takes it and does damage or kill someone it comes back on the owner so the bus driver should be discharged……………………………………..

  • Terry Roberts

    Now even if this bus was abandoned, the kid is old enough to know that without a drivers license he should not have driven it. He should have gone into the place where the driver was getting coffee and reported it to whoever was at the counter then he would have been told that the driver was there, more than likely or it could have been called into the company. So I don’t feel that story of his is plausible. As for the driver leaving it running, why not? Warming up a school bus takes a lot of time so he was doing a service for the kids he was to pick up. Did this kid ride that bus? If so then he would have been able to see the driver if he went in to report it. He wanted a joy ride so he took it and made an appearance at the bus lot to help with his story. To bad swats are not allowed in schools anymore because this kid might straighten out if punished right.

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