2013 best dating book author gives tips for a successful Valentine’s Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The book, 'Love is Blind, Only if You Are,' was voted the number one best dating book in 2013.

This valentine’s day, the local author behind the book, Debra Kunz, is back with tips on how to date smarter, and some of the biggest valentine`s dating questions people have but are too afraid to ask.

Whether you're single or not, here are some ideas about what to do regarding Valentine’s Day:

  • Decide to celebrate or not to celebrate.
  • Doing nothing means something - Don`t let being afraid because you don`t know what to do keep you from doing something.
  • Make it thoughtful - Simple solution is to go with favorites:  restaurant, food, movie, song.
  • Just started dating - Go with the classics of flowers or candy or a romantic dinner out.
  • You`re committed - Jewelry says you`re serious.
  • For any stage - A card gives you a chance to write a note. Go with something funny and write a meaningful message.
  • Do a date of all firsts - Recreate your first date, first meal, first movie, or first dance.
  • Go for the surprise - Be unexpected, if you usually go out, stay in and cook; if you`re always casual, get dressed up.
  • Gift of the time together - Recognize Valentine`s Day on the day plus a plan for a day trip or weekend getaway, or tickets to a concert, or comedy club.

If you have questions about finding love, Debra has a free tele-seminar on February 18.

CLICK HERE for more information.

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