$750 charge for 10-mile tow hits driver with sticker shock

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The roads were covered with snow and ice and Nathan Truong's girlfriend was behind the wheel.

"She lost control and hit a light pole," Truong recalled.

Although it was his girlfriend's car, Truong contacted the roadside assistance program he had through State Farm for help.

"They dispatched a tow truck," Truong said.

Truong asked the tow truck driver to bring the car to a repair shop less than 10 miles away in North Kansas City. Truong knew he would still be responsible to pay for the tow since his roadside assistance coverage was only for mechanical problems and not collisions, but he knew at least it would provide him with a tow truck operating under a pre-negotiated rate.

That's why Truong was shocked when he was handed a $750 tow bill by Nick's Good Times Tow.

"There's no way," Truong said he was thinking as he called his State Farm agent for help.

The agent told him there was nothing State Farm could do since the driver of the car wasn't insured by them. State Farm told Truong he would have to call State Farm's roadside assistance program himself, Road America, to ask for help on getting his bill lowered.

"I was disappointed," said Truong, who would never have used Nick's Good Times Tow if his State Farm roadside assistance program hadn't ordered it. When Truong called Road America to see about getting his bill lowered, he never heard back. That's when he called FOX 4 Problem Solvers.

FOX 4 called Nick's Good Times Tow and was told $750 was its standard rate for an accident. We found that surprising since it's at least $500 more than what a city-ordered tow would cost.

Then we called Road America, wondering how a tow it provided could leave a customer with such an outrageous tow bill. Road American promised to look into the problem. The very next day, Trough heard from Road American and the news was good.

Road America is reimbursing Truong $600 of the $750 he was charged for that 10-mile tow.

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  • DC

    Road American just set themselves up for unprecedented charges for people trying to cover vehicles not covered.

    I have AAA and this would be like me calling to get a relatives car (not covered and I’m not driving) towed.

    Poor job Fox4ProblemSolvers.

    • LaRon

      How can you be so stupid as to say “Poor job Fox 4”. I bet the couple that was being ripped off would disagree with you as do most of us. I hope you call that thieving tow company the next time you need a tow and when they over charge you, please don’t ask Fox for help.

  • fourleafclover

    Why didn’t Truong ask for the price of the tow before accepting it? I think you are responsible for yourself and asking your insurance company to help someone who isn’t covered shouldn’t have happened.. Truong and his girlfriend are the problem.

    • MO

      you’re telling me that if you were in this situation and got slammed with a $750 tow bill, you’d just shrug your shoulders and say “welp, guess I should have asked how much they charged before hand!” No. She was just in an accident, I’m sure the last thing this couple was thinking about was getting ripped off.

    • LaRon

      I hope the folks of KC call “Nick’s Good Times Tow” and let them know what lowlifes they are for taking advantage of this couple very possibly because of their ethnicity. They will hear from me loud and often just to remind them that I haven’t forgotten their thuggish ways. I may even call them out for a tow that I don’t need and am nowhere around. Let the good times roll with Nick’s Good Times Tow.

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