KCMO police arrest juveniles involved in fights on the plaza

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City, Mo. police said several juveniles were involved in a number of fights late Saturday night.

Not much more than the sound of the fountains could be heard on the plaza Sunday morning, but Saturday night was a different story.

"We just noticed like 50 or 60 young kids it seemed like middle schoolers, and then we saw a bunch of police cars," said Deepa Prasad, a resident of the plaza.

Kansas City, Mo. police say around 11 p.m. Saturday as many as 150 school aged kids crowded the movie theater on the plaza before several fights broke out. Prasad lives just a few blocks away.

"Something happened with a car and then all the kids run away," said Prasad. "It was too late for 13-year-olds to be out I guess.”

Police say three juveniles were arrested.

"Expect more citations to be issued in the near future. Citations issued based on behavior, not race," tweeted Police Chief Darryl Forte via Twitter.

Chief Forte says police are now stepping up enforcements.

19-year-old Robyn Herbert said she hopes they concentrate on the troublemakers.

"I think that we should focus more on the people that are causing the ruckus and we should take care of them rather than punishing the population as a whole,” said Herbert, who is a student at KU.

But Prasad says police can't do it alone.

"I think even with a curfew it's their parents that have to keep them at home they're going to leave regardless of a curfew or not,” said Prasad.

Chief Forte says the solution is in the entire community working together.

So far there have not been any additional citations.

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  • JT

    Kansas City’s black youth at its finest. It’s only a matter of time before people begin being driven away from the premier district in the city. If it’s not one thing it’s another. No responsibility being taken by the parents for sure.

  • Kelly Durnell Taylor

    “I think even with a curfew it’s their parents that have to keep them at home they’re going to leave regardless of a curfew or not,” said Prasad.

    And here inlies the problem. No accountability, no repercussions for their actions. They are gonna do it anyway. When did that become ok?

  • Joe

    Chief Forte: Why is this the community’s problem? It is a problem for the businesses on the plaza and for the police. Now it needs to become a problem for the parents of these kids. When the parents start paying fines and having to attend court dates, etc., maybe they will become more involved in their kid’s lives. This isn’t my problem and I don’t care if the kids hang around the plaza 24/7. I stay away from that place.

  • Barb Rasnic

    I used to love to go down to the Plaza and just walk and window shop, but not anymore. I am too afraid to go, especially alone. My folks would have never have allowed me to be out late at night when I was that age, so there wasn’t any questioning that. If these kids need something to do, have them volunteer to help other instead of roaming the streets looking for a fight. I agree with setting boundaries, since their parents don’t seem to, and citing fines. I agree with Kelly.

  • Vmarie

    The plaza businesses and residents need to get very vocal or their property values are going to plummet, just like Bannister Mall.

    In other school districts, parents get the schools open on Friday or Saturday nights for activities. The parents VOLUNTEER to help supervise dances, trivia night etc. Why haul the kids off to a detention center in a community center, instead of having actual activities for the kids?

    You don’t see a lot of Hispanic or white or Asian youth causing trouble, because their parents do not allow them to go wherever and do whatever. But if the parents are going to bail on their responsibility, then the community has to fill the void.

    Instead of churches in the area helping the homeless, maybe they should shift the ministries to helping urban youth.

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