Kansas lawmaker wants to allow spanking in Kansas schools

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TOPEKA, Kan. — Would you let your child’s teacher spank your son or daughter at school? A new bill introduced in the Kansas Legislature would let them — with your permission.

Wichita lawmaker Gail Finney is trying to better define spanking. She argues that too many parents are getting in trouble with the law whenever their spanking leaves redness or bruising, so she is trying to better define what kind of spanking is allowed — and what kind isn’t.

The bill would allow a parent to spank their child up to 10 times with an open palm over a clothed rear end. She wants to restore some parental rights to punish their child however they see fit, although hitting with a fist, using a belt or switch to spank would still be illegal.

In addition, the bill would allow teachers and school officials to spank a child as long as the child’s parents allow it. Law enforcement, however, doesn’t agree with the bill. They argue that they don’t charge parents for spanking — only when it crosses over to abuse, and they fear the bill will prevent them from pursuing parents who abuse their children. Also, some parents don’t believe in spanking — they disagree with physical punishment altogether and don’t think that the state should endorse it in any form.

The bill has been sent to the Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice for review, but it has not yet been put on the calendar for debate.

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  • Amy

    I will not allowed anyone spank my kid. my son was bullied at school by other classmate using belt spanking him. how will the kids learn?!?! if they pass the law, I am quitting my job and have homeschooled my son.

  • sealba65

    I think she needs to think about what she says before speaking. “Too many parents are getting into trouble when their spanking leaves redness or bruising” . Really ?! Too many getting into trouble for leaving bruises??? Is she mentally incapacitated, ? I say not enough parents are getting into trouble for leaving bruises. People always talk about the “old days” like everything was so great. They were awesome , you know…segregation, sex abuse wasn’t talked about, abuse of spouse and children was a “family” problem. Ya, drugs (by parents) and poverty have nothing to do with our schools problems. Nothing a good old fashioned whipping won’t cure. Grow up. There are some things better then than before. But beating children into submission isn’t one of them. If you think about it, most of the “problem” children are the kids of the parents who WERE beaten when it was acceptable. Maybe the bad parenting is inherited.

  • Melinda AidensMama Harrell

    If my son gets spanked OR witnesses a spanking, I will get a lawyer quicker than you can say the word. My son’s dad has primary residential custody, so he will be the only one to get the permission letter. So then what? We’re not the only family like that. So how to they expect to obtain consents from both parents? Lawsuit waiting to happen. It was outlawed for a reason. Keep it that way.