Man accused of dropping baby while fleeing police charged with endangering a child

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bryant E. Robinson's mugshot from time served in the Missouri Department of Corrections for aggravated stalking and making a terrorist threat.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A witness told police she saw Bryant Robinson drop a one-year-old girl into a snow pile near a sidewalk in the 5600 block of Highland Avenue on Tuesday. She said Robinson ran away from a police car after dropping the child, and she ran to get the girl because she feared a passing car on the busy street may have hit her.

On Wednesday the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office charged Robinson with first-degree endangering the welfare of a child and resisting or interfering with an arrest detention stop. A probable cause statement indicates officers were originally in the area of 55th and Wayne canvassing for a wanted person when they saw Robinson walking with the girl in his right arm.

Police say when Robinson noticed a patrol car was following him, he began walking more swiftly. A detectives statement claims that dashboard camera video showed Robinson reach a curb on Highland Avenue and he bent down to drop the girl. She was seen landing on her feet, falling forward and then backwards onto her backside. Robinson was then seen running until he was out of the camera’s view.

Court documents state Robinson evaded police between houses before he ran behind a building on Garfield Avenue. He was then seen lying in brush when officers found him. After resisting orders to surrender, Robinson allegedly lunged toward an officer, which caused him to fall backwards. He was then accused of grabbing the officer’s legs when the officer tried to stand up.

A short time later Robinson was arrested and taken into detention. He did not provide police with a statement and requested to speak with an attorney. Prosecutors requested a bond of $50,000, which was set on Wednesday according to online court records.

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