Pleasant Hill apartments catch fire, two sent to hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PLEASANT HILL, Mo. -- Two people have been sent to the hospital after their apartment in Broadway Village Apartments in Pleasant Hill caught fire. Neighbors have been evacuated from the four-plex.

"I was sitting right there on my couch watching TV, all of a sudden I see people running over there, she ran outside and I walked over and I saw smoke coming out of the bedroom window," said  Geno Shotte, a neighbor, "He walked out first and he left, and then she came out crying, and then I realized the place was on fire."

Neighbors say they smelled smoke and saw an apartment on fire around 9:30 Wednesday morning. Neighbors say the apartment belongs to a woman named Angela Luttrell.

"I'm surprised my alarm didn't go off," said another neighbor, John Strode.

"We do have two persons injured that have been taken to the hospital, one was flown by air ambulance, the cause is under investigation at this point and that's really all we know," said Pleasant Hill Fire Chief Steve Long.

He said one male and one female were taken to separate hospitals. Police say the woman was taken to St. Luke's in Lee's Summit, and the man was flown to the University of Kansas Hospital. Neighbors say it was obvious something was wrong between them.

"She seemed pretty upset about it, and they took her away in an ambulance," said Shotte, "They were talking around and this and that and I hear that he's responsible for it, that he had started it."

The Pleasant Hill Police Department did not want to go on camera before the investigation is complete, but says foul play is not out of the question since the fire department did not find any electrical problems. Both victims are still in the hospital.

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