Utah mom upset with PacSun display buys $600 worth of ‘provocative’ shirts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) -- A Utah mother was so disgusted by a t-shirt display, that she bought every one they had. The store wouldn't take down the explicit t-shirts, so the woman took matters into her own hands.

"On our way to another store we passed the PacSun store, and I just stopped dead in my tracks," Judy Cox said.

In the store window there were four t-shirts on display and each had a picture of a nearly naked woman. See some of the shirts here, on the PacSun website.

"The bottom of one woman is completely uncovered and it's a very provocative pose that she's in," Cox said.

Judy went in and spoke with the manager about taking the display down. The manager, while she agreed with Judy, said the only thing she could do was email the complaint to her corporate managers.

"As I was leaving the mall I just had this thought come to me that I can't leave it, I can't let it stay in the window for three or four more days while someone makes a decision," Cox said.

So Judy did the only thing she knew to do: she bought every single explicit t-shirt in the store. Fortunately, Judy says, they didn't have any stock in the back, so she walked out spending just close to $600.

The store manager told reports that Judy was the only one to complain. Judy plans on meeting with the City Attorney to find out if she can have the t-shirts or any similar campaigns banned from the store.

"I hope it sends a really strong message to PacSun that, at least in this community, this is not a standard for us. This is not something we approve of," she said.

Cox said she plans on returning the shirts at the end of the store's 60-day return policy for a full refund.

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    • Jonathan Saksons

      Yeah…golf clap for some psycho lady who is offended by something people see every day. She might not want to ever leave her house again for the rest of her life. There is a pretty good chance she could be offended by something else. She should stay in her “brady bunch” living room (totally hideous) and never open her eyes in her little tiny shell.

  • Kat T.

    I work for PacSun; my coworkers and myself all feel that this brand of t-shirts is tacky, objectifying, and really inappropriate to wear. Surprise surprise, Visual is by Van Styles who works in the pornography industry.

  • Lex

    Seriously?! ….Buying them what was that going to prove?! All the store will do is restock them! I’m a parent, YES the shirts are UGLY, only because of the colors. It’s no different than Victoria Secret commercials! I think it’s more about teaching your children about awareness. I would say to my son when he gets older, I’m not paying for the T-Shirt! That’s about it! I remember growing up and condom commercials used to be aired after like 9:00pm because the kid’s wouldn’t be watching TV that late. Now, they air all day everyday! I think that’s a little more inappropriate if I’m watching television and my 6 yr see’s a condom commercial! But I’m not going Psycho and emailing and calling my cable company! All the lady had to do was not ever buy PacSun! You boycott their clothes you don’t buy every single shirt! IDIOT! You just made someone money! NEWS FLASH!!!! You speak up and raise awareness by Boycotting, picketing, petitions.. buying the merchandise is not the answer!

      • Raytheist

        I’ve seen the lubes, but not the condoms. Not oblivious, just not in the demographic to watch shows with that type of commercial. I get ads for various types of adult ‘undergarments’, osteoporosis, catheters, e.d. & testosterone treatments, and burial expense insurance ads. LOL

  • Heather

    I see her point in being upset, the world in which we live in is so dominated and fueled by sex. It just gets old seeing sexual images EVERYWHERE. Don’t get me wrong, sex is a great thing but….. it’s also become the source of so much deviancy and wickedness within the human race. Sexual trafficking is prolific throughout the world; the sex tourist industry is booming as men travel to foreign countries such as Cambodia to have sex with (rape) children as young as five; sex (again rape) being used as a weapon of war in many countries; etc. Yes these tee shirts do not equal these heinous things and this woman didn’t really solve anything simply just by buying the stock at hand, but at least she acted on her disgust and didn’t just say “oh well, that’s the way it is”. Sexual objectification of individuals ( no matter how insignificant or benign it may seem) should not be tolerated or embraced as a societal norm.

  • Stictly Honest

    I feel that the Current Generation Is teaching our children to throw out your morals and values and just let it all hang out. I’m a 23yr young lady with children and know better then that. I’m sorry if i offend you but its TRULY SAD its OK degrade your BODY and show small little girls that its OK to run around naked and think little boys, GROWN men and lets not forget the pedophiles out her are really just strictly looking come on your inviting perverts into your babies worlds

  • im offended by your being offended by my personal oppinion on something not involving you

    ill show you let me buy all your shirts in protest to your selling of the shirts mwah hahahaha anyone else seeing the opportunity to make offensive shirts and sell them in utah apparently there is a market for these things lol the wheels turning but the hamster has died

  • kylei

    “this is something we do not accept as a community”. lol. as a resident of utah and a fairly frequent shopper at the university mall i can safely say that her statement is false. people like her and the other ultra conservative (mormon no doubt) older men and women are who make everyone in utah seem crazy. there is no one, i repeat, NO ONE, that i know personally who would care about what other people choose to wear enough to go to these lengths. you know what the rest of us logical folks do when we see something harmless that we don’t like? WE LOOK AWAY. it’s not hard.