Missing Lee’s Summit drummer has been found safe

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — The search was over Saturday for a missing Lee’s Summit, Mo. man.

Police say 22-year-old Michael Krueger was found safe. He’s a drummer for the local band, Solus, and hadn’t been seen in a week.

His parents filed a missing person’s report after Krueger didn’t show up at their house.

The Lee’s Summit Police Department isn’t saying what happened to Krueger, but they are thanking the public for spreading the word about Krueger’s disappearance and are thank for the positive outcome. The Krueger family is asking for privacy at this time.

Earlier coverage:

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    • Big Philly

      Everyone thinks they deserve something for something they did. Guess what you don’t deserve anything for helping someone. If less people thought like you and more like what I’m telling you then we wouldn’t have the problems this country has. Mind your own business.

  • Carrie

    A friend doesnt need an explanation. A friend is there to love unconditionally and lend support when asked for. Nothing more. Begging for recognition means you are in the friendship and caring positon for YOU, not your friend. Everyone has things they may be going through that requires that they restrict themselves to just sharing them with their family, and that it remain private. Respect that.

  • Joe

    If he was on a drug binge, his parents did what many parents do. They enable him and help him hide his secrets from the public. They may even call his boss or others to help make up phony excuses and lies. Doesn’t matter to me. If they want to continue enabling their kid, fine with me.

  • Jennifer

    You folks really make me sad. Of course his family and friends did whatever they could to find him. That does not mean they owe the public any explanation. Who cares where they found him? He is 22 and alive. Whatever happened, if it was something bad, he thankfully has time to recover and live a full life. Why can we not celebrate that and shut up about anything else. No family is immune from having a child who may struggle or go down the wrong path at some point. IF that is what happened. We don’t know and it is none of our business.

  • Rebecca Sublett

    I love how people who did nothing or may have click the share button says they feel they should know because all they did to find this kid. Tell me again what you did to help and how is clicking a button helping lol. How many sleepless nights did you spend none right. How much money did you put out for flyers and stuff none right. So again who owes you what again lol. how many places did you go looking for him how many streets did you go down asking people if they seen him none right and yet they should tell you what. I do not think so. And as far as the ones saying he was in crack house on drugs and stuff you are what is wrong with this world. Unless you were with him lol grow up people really get a live and leave people alone

  • Frank Arena

    The comments here by people are disheartening to say the least. As from someone of the group that DID do more than click “share” on a picture that did go out, spend my own money on flyers and fuel, did searching throughout the city – no, I don’t feel I deserve ANYTHING from anyone. I did it to try and save a life. He is alive, that was the purpose. An explanation to the public is completely in the families decision if they feel they should give one.

    If you were part of the group or even if you were one of those that sat behind a computer sharing a picture, if you did it for anything other than trying to bring someone home safe, you should re-evaluate what you are doing things for because it is just selfish acts at that point.

  • McFly

    When I saw the police weren’t giving the story I was angry too! I heard he discovered time travel and leapt deep into the future. After visiting the 30th century, he meant to jump back exactly at the moment he left, but accidentally programmed the wrong space/time coordinates resulting in his being missing a week. Seriously, what a dick move.

    But then I realized, WHOA he just discovered time travel. Now I’m just glad he is back safely to show us all how to move freely along the time/space continuum. Thanks bro!

  • AshleyEshnaur

    Just because a person asks you for help does not mean you are entitled to dig into their lives to the fullest extent. A family asked for help in locating their child, a community of musicians asked for help locating one of their own. Clearly this man has left a positive impression on people if they were so willing to help locate him. My guess is, the people complaining about the family’s request for privacy are people who didn’t help at all, or if they did only in a selfishly based hope of recognition. Let them be. I don’t know this man, but clearly he has a community of support, which demonstrates that he’s probably not as bad as people are making him out to be with their guesses and over-speculation. A man was found alive, people should be okay with it.

  • Bob Reinsch

    Did anybody stop to think that there may have been an unknown medical condition behind what happened? Chemical imbalance, catalepsy, stroke… guess what folks, the police can’t say a thing and the family doesn’t have to. It’s called HIPAA, and his privacy may be a matter of federal law.

  • Jennifer

    So if my minor child goes missing and I ask the public for help, am I honor bound to disclose that he or she was kidnapped and raped just to satisfy the curiosity of strangers? So you wanted to know and are aggravated at not knowing. Wasn’t the whole point of asking for help to find him? If so, then the only information we are “owed” is that he was found. If folks are so mean spirited that they don’t want to help find someone who may be in trouble unless they are guaranteed a full accounting of what happened, shame on them.