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Joe’s Weather Blog; NASCAR and Our Cold

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Sitting here watching a lot of the pre-race coverage with the race about to get started in Daytona. I’m also watching radar and all the rain that is about 25-35 miles north of the racetrack as well. Right now the rain is moving mostly from due west to due east…it’s so close though…and additional t/storms are forming in W FL that may impact the race over the next few hours before it’s done.

I sometime wonder with the impact of rain on the race track if NASCAR needs to work on a different starting arrangement…for example starting a race 30 minutes sooner. Perhaps they could alert the fans a day or two ahead when rain is possible that they will operate on a “race rain schedule” or something like that that speeds everything up about 30 minutes or so. I have no idea what FOX would say about all that…but I do know that they would have better opportunities of getting in more racing before the rain potentially could arrive. 30 minutes is a LOT of racing and a lot of laps that could get them closer to being an “official” race. Just my thoughts.  Here is the radar that they’ll be watching like a hawk this afternoon…it’s the NWS radar from Melbourne…and you can see the rain…not that far away.


If you see any boxed YELLOW areas…those are Severe Thunderstorm Warnings that are in effect for whatever counties…right now there really isn’t anything heading there way…but with sunshine and temperatures in the 80s the atmosphere will be unstable this afternoon down there…so they will be under the gun for the potential of storms.

Back home…our temperatures are around 32° and we should go up another five degrees this afternoon or so. The satellite picture this afternoon isn’t exactly encouraging with a lot of clouds out there filtering out the sunshine.


Yesterday I talked about the storm we’re watching for 3/2 and/or 3/3…so no need to rehash that at this point…the data today still shows “something” happening in that time frame…so see yesterdays blog for additional details. The only change today is more of a focus on 3/2 (Sunday) with the snow potential…

The focus for today will be on the cold weather that will be coming in waves into the region. One wave is due on Tuesday another Thursday then Saturday and next Monday

The end result of all this is a prolonged period of below average temperatures for the region…with perhaps some brief 24 hour moderation periods in between shots of cold weather. Here is a look at the 5 days chunks of the GFS…from Monday through Friday…then from Friday through Saturday the 6th…then from the 6th through the 11th….so we’re coming into almost mid-March…and all those blues/purples and greens are colder than average temperatures.


Once again the western part of the country will be warm while the Plains and east will be cold…sort of like the way winter has gone.

That’s it for today…talking to a group at JCCC this afternoon so time is short before heading back to work.


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