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Screening Room Movies at Home: “Gravity,” “Nebraska,” “Thor: The Dark World”

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1) GRAVITY (PG-13)
Warner Brothers

While best seen on the big screen, the medium for which it was made, "Gravity" on the home theatre is still an impressive achievement.

Watching this movie at home is pointless. I don't care how good you think your set-up is "Gravity" fails. This was a 'true' see on the big screen movie because it's all effects and zero story.

An expertly crafted and brilliantly realized space adventure, "Gravity" is an edge-of-your-seat thriller, an immersive movie experience that stands as one of the most impressive examples of purely visual storytelling that you're likely to see.

It's visually cool but after a while it just becomes a snoozer. Sandra Bullock does her best to keep things afloat but there is only so much she can do. Props to director Alfonso Cuaron for his technical wizardy but no accolades on the dumb script. Interesting bonus material including a short film by Jonás Cuarón which is incredible and a surprise from Sandra Bullock and no she won't be starring in "Speed 3."

RUSS: 5 Popcorn Bags
SHAWN: 3 Popcorn Bags

Paramount Pictures

Strong performances and sly sentiment abound in Alexander Payne’s black and white road movie, "Nebraska." Funny and sad in equal amounts, "Nebraska" is an affectionate and melancholy salute to Payne’s home state and its aging populace.

The family drama, "Nebraska" got nominated for six Academy Awards – including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography. But how ow many times is Alexander Payne going to make the same movie? At least the characters in "Nebraska" were charming in an odd corn husker sort of way. Much funnier than you would expect and humorous at all the right moments. The acting is the saving grace and saves a story that really didn't have much of a prayer at succeeding. Boring extras.

RUSS: 4 Popcorn Bags
SHAWN: 3 Popcorn Bags

Walt Disney/Marvel Studios

It’s hammer time once again. Chris Hemsworth returns as Marvel Comic’s interplanetary Norse god in "Thor: The Dark World."

Thor has to be the most boring dude in the comic universe. And these Thor movies have both been dreadfully dull.

The eye candy is impressive and Hemsworth is a worthy superhero. While "Thor: The Dark World" delivers no more and no less than you’d expect, it's still a notch below the "Iron Man" and "Avengers" flicks.

A notch? "Thor: The Dark World" is even a tenth as good as those two movies. Save for Kat Denning who tries everything but selling her soul to the devil to try to save this movie by interjecting much needed humor and energy. The extras are loaded with a ton of interesting stuff including never-before-seen extended and deleted scenes.

RUSS: 3 Popcorn Bags
SHAWN: 2 Popcorn Bags

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  • Odins Eye

    Clearly not fans of Marvel’s mightiest Avenger. Both Thor movies are among the Marvel elite. Too bad that the Dark World deleted scenes were not included in the movie as the addition would have made this movie, already very good, that much better.

    As far as how the movie ranks in the Marvel universe, both movies are near the top if not on top. Iron Man 3 left a lot to be desired. It’s predecessor wasn’t much better. Captain America was lame at best, despite a decent cast. Imagine a drug-induced super hero. What a role model for the kids.

    The Avengers was very good, though somewhat flawed. The Hulk wasn’t portrayed all that well, attacking a woman who was saved by Thor, and sucker-punching Thor later in the movie.

    Hate to break it to you, Fox4, the Thor / Loki saga has carried the Marvel Universe thus far.

  • interiris

    Nebraska was much funnier than I expected with a great performance from Dern. I was surprised at how good it was and loved the black and white cinematography. Gravity although good first time around would not be worth a second viewing.

    Thor is the only DVD I will buy and I do not buy comic book DVD’s as a rule. So far I have Thor 1,Avengers and I will buy Thor 2 to complete the Loki trilogy. General I prefer films which focus on mythology and fantasy as opposed to those comic book films based within an earth setting.If I am going to have to take giant leaps in believability I just find it more sustainable in fantasy worlds or sci fi.

    Thor 2 was entertaining and fun but Tom Hiddleston as Loki has been the standout performance and the biggest draw in all three films. The best thing about Thor 2 was the brotherly banter and the balance between action sequences, character interaction and great visuals. I also liked the nods to Star Wars,The Great Escape and Lord of the Rings.

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