Johnna Green sentenced in attempted drowning of her daughters

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A Wyandotte County judge Friday morning sentenced a 24-year-old mother to nearly 10 years in prison for trying to drown her two young daughters. Johnna Green's lawyer called it the best possible outcome for a woman who suffers from mental illness.

Green pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted second degree murder for holding her kids underwater in a bathtub until they lost consciousness. The incident happened April 2, 2013 in Green's Kansas City, Kan., home. Green called 911 and told a dispatcher she had just killed her daughters, ages four and one.

In court, Green told Wyandotte County Judge Mike Grosko that she was ready to move forward in her life. She also expressed gratitude and thanked first responders for saving her daughters' lives. Green's lawyer, Paul Morrison, says both girls have made miraculous recoveries.

According to Morrison, Green has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and he claims had she been treated for her mental illness, none of this would have happened.

"In this case you have a mom who was schizophrenic, had the onset of schizophrenia literally weeks before this crime occurred," Morrison said. "She's delusional and in the twisted, contorted way of thinking, she thought she was doing her kids a favor."

Under the terms of an agreement with the district attorney, the judge sentenced Green to nine years and 10 months behind bars.

Now that Green is being treated with medication, Morrison says she feels just horrible about what she did and hopes that someday she'll be able to see her girls again. Both children have been living with a relative, but Morrison says a permanent custody decision, as to who will raise them, has not yet been made.

Green's relatives declined to speak with reporters following the sentencing.

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  • Joe

    What is wrong with our society? A woman with a serious mental problem doesn’t get help and because of what she attempted to do while mentally deranged, we now are going to send her to prison for 10 years. She would be better off at home taking her medication and being closely supervised. It would all be much cheaper and more sensible than sending her to prison. She could even be a benefit to society as long as she takes her medication. Meanwhile, the children should one day learn that their Mom is sick and not a criminal.

      • Joe

        Wayne: I think SV’s post is referring to you and I would suggest you stop being such a dumb a**. You obviously know very little about mental illness.

      • Wayne Finn

        Yes Mental Illness is poorly taken care of but she did drown her children in a bath tub. I don’t believe releasing her and just monitoring her closely while she takes her meds is a good idea Joe. What happens if she stops her medication at some point or it stops working and she does a Lanza? How is the monitoring going to work, someone that checks in every now and then, or an ankle bracelet that they can cut off like the last guy did? She is a danger to herself and to the public. Prison will most likely make her worse and I agree there. She needs to be treated in a mental health facility where she cannot just check herself out and be a harm to others around herself. I guess I should have explained my comment more.

    • Joe

      It is very possible her parents did not know. Post partem depression doesn’t begin until after a woman has a baby. Schizophrenia is a disease that often doesn’t show itself until the person is an adult.

  • SV

    Bottom line Mental Health issues are poorly taken care of! Unlike a broken arm or leg the problem isn’t visible and often times ignored. If only this mom had a broken arm it would have been taken care of the day she needed help. For the people that are quick to judge, you are an example of pure ignorance and have not a clue about mental illness. A person with mental illness needs to be treated just like the person with the broken limb IMMEDIATELY. Hopefully this tragedy will spark a realization that there is a HUGE need for more Mental Health Care.

  • Joe

    If this Fox news story is correct, and that we cannot be sure of, it states that the woman was schizophrenic and the way it was worded suggests she was diagnosed previous to this episode. It also said the onset of her disease was literally weeks before the crime. That would suggest that someone should have known she was in trouble and needed help. Who knows how much contact she had with her family so it is hard to say if her parents were aware, but someone had to notice her behavior wasn’t quite right.

  • MelonieBeth Klouda

    almost all criminals feel bad about their crimes…. if you hear them tell it…. people who are dangerous should not be at home… who is monitoring her? Are we paying someone to live in her home and make sure she is medicated? Why does the general public have to be placed at risk because someone else is mentally ill? People like this should be institutionalized until they are stable… it can take years to make sure that someone is stable..being placed on meds for a few months does not fix schizophrenia.. it is NOT a curable disease

  • Ashley

    Just saying from knowning johnna… That girl is my rock. Strongest woman and mother i know. I get up cause i know my mental could be worse, ultimately i get strength with knowing and being shes my beatfriend today. Dont judge ther3 is god for that.