Police: Woman left kids in car while she donated plasma

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bernice Rodriguez,, 30, was charged by Jackson Co. Prosecutors with endangering the welfare of a child.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 30-year-old Kansas City woman faces child endangerment charges in Jackson County after police say they found two boys, ages ten and one, alone in her car in the 6000 block of Independence Ave.

A security officer noticed the kids Thursday morning in a parked car at that location. The guard said he was driving past the vehicle when he saw the head of a small child ‘pop up’ in the front passenger seat and then went back down.

He began observing the vehicle and did not see an adult come back to the car. When he first saw the vehicle, he says it was off, but then noticed the engine was turned on. He approached the car, saw the kids, and asked them to unlock the car doors, but was refused.

He called police, who arrived on the scene. Investigators watched surveillance video from the business where the car was parked and said they saw Bernice Rodriguez run to the passenger side of the car and then run back inside the business.

When police questioned her, they say she admitted leaving the boys in the car for about 30 to 45 minutes while she donated plasma. They say she admitted to police that it was a mistake.

The two endangerment charges against Rodriguez are class A misdemeanors, which could result in one year in jail and a fine of $1,000 for each count.

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  • Joe

    This woman doesn’t need to go to jail and if she is selling her plasma, she surely doesn’t have the money to pay a fine. If someone really wants to help her, they should send her to parenting classes and interview the kids to make sure they are generally safe while in her care.

      • Anonymous

        I feel for this woman. She doesn’t need any more problems. You call it neglect and I bet she calls it feeding her kids. People don’t give plasma unless they’re dead broke. She’s probably run out of food stamps and needs a decent job.

      • Wayne Finn

        Or she is like the other people I know (wish I didn’t) who don’t want to work, want everything given to them, donates plasma for spending money to go out to eat and other random things and use every family member or friend they can possibly use until they cut them off. Regardless IT IS NEGLECT!!! leaving your children in a car while your away. Anyone can just grab those kids and do unspeakable things to them because the mom wasn’t there. I don’t care what your reasons are you don’t do that, period!

  • Co-worker of Security Guard that called police.

    Those plasma donation places have daycare areas for kids. So you all need to stop feeling bad for this disgraceful excuse for a human. There are countless people and organizations in the greater Kansas City area that help people like this unless they are on drugs. Idiots like this are on drugs and need to be “fixed” like dogs so they are not allowed to reproduce. No sympathy for neglectful parents.

  • Amber Jean

    Sadly, many parents are not properly educated about the many dangers of children being left alone in vehicles. They may know there are certain risks, but most parents believe that these things are “freak accidents” and will never happen to their children. A national organization that is headquartered right here in Kansas City, KidsAndCars.org, is the group that brought the issue of children being left alone in vehicles to the national agenda and is working to educate parents nationwide about this very risky, yet common practice. To learn more about them visit their website at http://www.KidsAndCars.org.
    Instead of passing judgement, let’s be proactive and raise awareness to help prevent this from happening in the future!

  • Joe

    Wayne Finn: I think you may be right. This woman was donating plasma so she and the 2 children could go to Red Lobster for a quiet dinner and drinks. On second though, maybe she needed milk for the baby. Wayne, you need to wise up and stop being such a redneck.