VIDEO: Ultra-enthusiastic, amateur forecaster warns Missourians of impending weather

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy: dogsandwolves YouTube channel and Frankie from My Own TV Station

Aren’t Canadians great?

This YouTube video published on Wednesday by an amateur forecaster Frankie MacDonald is just one of many. The 28-year-old autistic man is somewhat of a celebrity on YouTube. His weather reports range from Minnesota to Missouri to Ontario, Canada.

In his most recent Missouri report, Frankie warns of the impending storm coming this weekend, dumping more snow on us Missourians — and most of us are none too happy about it. But we’re not alone in our despair. Frankie, all the way up in Nova Scotia, a Canadian province, knows how we feel too and wants us to be ready.

Frankie begins his Missouri weather report by saying he’s reporting for “My Own TV Station.”

“Order your Pepsi. Order your Chinese food. Buy cases of Pepsi or buy cases of Coke. Do your grocery shopping. Don’t wait for the last minute. Do it RIGHT NOW!” he yells.

“Have your iPads charged. Have your iPods charged. Have your cell phones charged. Have your laptops charged. Have your tablets charged. Have your 3g or 4g internet ready just in case the power goes out during the freezing rain. Have your flashlights ready. Have your candles ready. Have your crank-up radio ready. Have your battery-operated lanterns ready. Have your generators ready and have your extra batteries ready.”

“When you’re driving the car, take your time driving the car.”

“Have your salt trucks ready because the roads are going to be very icy in the state of Missouri….. When you go for a walk be very careful walking. Don’t slip and fall in the state of Missouri.”

“Best of luck to ya, people of Missouri,” says Frankie, also known as “dogsandwolves” on YouTube.

Thank you Frankie. We’re ready!

What’s great about this are all the genuine and encouraging comments people have made on his YouTube page. Many of the comments are from Missourians.

“Frankie is back and better than ever! Frankie rules this planet with an iron fist!” said one commenter.

Somebody else wrote:
“What the hell are Sent a meters?”

Followed by:
“Great job but people in Missouri do not understand centimeters. You should give US measurements in inches. Otherwise, another great job!”

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