13 people dead, 4 still missing after duck boat capsizes at Table Rock Lake

Career expo attracts an array of job seekers looking for the right fit

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- While reports show unemployment rates are on the rise across the country, those numbers are holding steady in Kansas City. On Wednesday dozens of companies set up shop in Overland Park looking to hire people.

Every job seeker received a listing of jobs, as well as a directory of the expo, and the chance to walk up and down rows of tables and talk with potential employers. FOX 4 caught up with one man who said in this season of life, he never thought he'd be looking for work.

"At the stage in life where I'm at, I'm a little further on the end of the runway as opposed to the start of the runway," job seeker Rob Peters said. "Life is always full of challenges and different curves and turns."

Peters attended the Kansas City Spring Career Expo hosted by Job News Kansas City at the Overland Park Convention Center. More than 800 job seekers like Peters came equipped with resumes, folders and pens in hand, looking to stand out in the crowd.

"That face-to-face interaction allows them to do a little pre-screening and they know what type of applicant they have in front of them beyond what's listed on their resume," Nick Walz, general sales manager for Job News Kansas City, said.

Peters has only searched for a couple of weeks, but hopes the expo puts an end to the job hunt.

"It's not an interview setting, but you still have to present yourself and be organized and be able to present yourself," Peters said.

Even though there are no companies here offering work in the sports field that Peters desired, he said if he could find that kind of position, it would be a dream job.

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