Former P&L District bouncer claims he was taught techniques to keep black customers out

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- New allegations of discrimination in the Power and Light district have been filed in the form of a lawsuit. A former Mosaic nightclub bouncer claims he was fired after refusing to keep quiet. Four defendants with ties to the Power and Light District have been named in the lawsuit by a plaintiff seeking millions in damages.

Glen Cusimano said he worked for various venues connected with the Power and Light District, including at the Mosaic lounge. In his lawsuit filed in Jackson County, he claims he was promoted several times in a three-year period prior to being unfairly fired.

Cusimano, who is African-American, alleges in his suit that during his employment he was personally taught a harassment technique aimed at keeping black patrons away. Cusimano's attorney says he was even ordered to employ what is known as a "rabbit,” a person who picks fights with patrons the defendants didn't want around.

Those patrons would be told to leave after the fight. Before he was fired, Cusimano's attorney says one of the so-called "rabbits" was ordered to pick a fight with him, which resulted in city assault charges and ultimately his dismissal.

"Mr. Cusimano suffered substantial damages. He was assaulted. He was extremely battered. There were false accusations made about him and circulated among a host of companies that are all involved with Power and Light and those defamed his reputation,” attorney Linda Dickens said.

FOX 4 heard back from the entertainment district's developer, The Cordish Companies, which claimed Cusimano was fired for striking a defenseless patron and because he failed to disclose a history of criminal fraud. In an e-mailed statement Bob Fowler said Mosaic had no choice but to terminate Cusimano and a countersuit is being planned.

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  • Jay

    I am sorry…but I am black and I have been to black owned clubs that have denied me NUMEROUS times for shirts, shoes, etc. but when it’s a white owned clubs and you get denied then it’s racist?!?!?! Stop complaining, just stay at home.

  • squeaky wheeler

    @nicole: it’s not about race or dress. it’s an assumption pertaining to income and accounts receivables. for instance, if someone is well dressed and goes to a club, the assumption would be that money is available to be spent. i imagine race as well as the aforementioned dress would be determining factors if there is an assumption that persons of a certain ethnicity are prone to lacking funds to make purchases.

    in the end, the point is the almighty dollar. owners want to entice people who are prone to spend more money. it’s not fair, but it makes sense.

  • Joe

    The P&L District has had numerous problems from the beginning. If this report is true, drastic action needs to be taken. I suggest shutting down all clubs that participated in this fiasco.

  • Tony Montana

    Hi everyone! In my opinion, the P&L district began its downward trend approximately two years after it opened up to the public (Blame the Jersey Shore television show?). At this time most of the negativity that is taking place at P&L (Rockbar, Mosaic, Hotel and Tengo Sed) are due to people assigned to management positions who have minimum experience on how to run a nightclub (Glen Cusimano, Ron Martin, Brain Collins, and Carlos Falcon). I have visited all of these places multiple times and noticed that the employees who work at these clubs have little to no skills in the hospitality industry whatsoever. Now, as far as the disturbances at Plaza along with P&L is concerned. I advise you people to please begin to acknowledge and understand that the troubles in these entertainment districts have absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with race. It has, on the contrary, everything to do with and individual’s social economic status. Its easy for city officials and the media to bash a particular race concerning the entertainment districts. However, it is more difficult to tackle a group belonging to a social economic class due to the fact that there are far more participant from all racial and cultural backgrounds who are involved. So please keep that in mind. Lastly, I believe that Mr. Cusimano given his “checkered” background (which is public at knew about this “rabbit” operation for a particular time frame and even participate fully in these incidents. I think that he felt disappointed and betrayed at Cordish by they way he was terminated. As a result of Mr.Cusimano loosing his job as Manager and “Security Chief” at Mosaic he feels the need to get back at Cordish by revealing to the public what he witnessed at Mosaic as an employee. He should of quit immediately after he felt uncomfortable with the policies & procedures of the nightclub instead of waiting after he got fired to make his claim public.

  • Steve Wilson

    This isn’t about Cordish, this is about a scam artist/felon trying to receive a payday from a successful company. Glen is known for stealing, selling drugs, and what happened to him being a suspect in Phil Corbin’s murder in the early 2000’s???? Know the facts, the person, and who you are dealing with before you speak out on an issue. Glen Cusimano is no good and never has been unless it benefits him. #TRUTH

    • butch

      i appreciate the many intelligent comments here. It’s interesting that Cusimano was able to get jobs working at all those clubs with such a stealing, drug-selling, murderous past. It doesn’t say much for the club owners to hire such people. He was employable all the way up to the firing wasn’t he? Cusiamano doesn’t sound any worse than his employers.

      It sounds like it was economicaly based more than race-based but is it possible that BOTH sides are right? Maybe Cusimano is all of the above AND he is speaking the truth about keeping people out based on race also.

      I don’t know you or your motive or even if you have a motive, but it’s amazing how people sometimes hoping to affect public opinion come out of the woodwork and bad-mouth someone who brings a lawsuit against a company.

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