Man sentenced for death of MoDOT worker

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Jackson County judge sentenced David Murdick Friday to nine years in prison for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Missouri Department of Transportation worker Clifton Scott in September 2012.

Two families said they’re hurting following the judge’s sentence. Family members said there is no winner in a situation like this.

"I love him and I miss him." Clifton Jerome Scott, Jr. said, "My dad was a very nice man. He helped everybody and him not being in my life really hurt."

Scott, a 15-year veteran with MoDOT, was putting up cones to warn drivers of an accident near I-70 and 291 Highway in September of 2012. A short time later, Murdick sped through the cones, hit Scott and killed him.

"Nothing can bring him back but we have to set an example, you know. Drinking and driving, you can’t do it." Tanicca Braxton, Scott’s stepdaughter said

Court records say Murdick had a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit to drive of .08. At the time of the crash, Murdick was working as an attorney in Kansas City.

Dozens of Scott family members were in the courtroom today. Back in January, Murdick pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. On Friday Judge Jack Great sentenced him to nine years behind bars.

Clifton Scott’s fiancé Monique Bryant said she has an open heart and forgives Murdick. The husband and father of three struggled through a tearful apology to the Scott family, and to his own. He said he offered no excuses. Those words well received by Scott’s fiancé.

"I talked to his grandfather, I told his grandfather I love him, his grandfather didn’t have anything to do with it, nor did his family. David did it," Bryant said.

Click here for more coverage beginning in September 2012 on David Murdick and victim Clifton Scott.

Clifton Scott

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  • Nancy

    My husband was working on the highway that night with two other Police Officers, he heard the car coming from a distanced due to his speed and looked up and saw the headlites and began running toward the highway worker and his truck, waving his arms and screamimg… “everyone get out of the way” but there was nothing he could do. It all happen so fast.
    He said it was like an explosion and then he looked down and there was the highway worker, just looking at him he knew there was nothing he could do to save him, he scanned the seen making sure everyone else was okay and then when the driver of the car that hit the highway truck told them “Oh my God I am so sorry”, he smelled the alcohol…he said I just wanted to…nevermind.
    I am just pleased to see this is finally come to some justiced today, because my husband still sees this and I know his family will for a lifetime.

  • D

    Really??? My husband was there along with two police officers. There was not anyone else on the scene at the time of the accident other than these three people. Maybe he showed up after the accident but at the time of the accident there were three people there.