Police kept busy by an unusual amount of burglaries in Harrisonville

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. -- There are reports Friday night that thieves have hit a number of homes and businesses in Harrisonville. One man told FOX 4 more than a dozen places have been burglarized in two-months’ time.

One report says police are looking into roughly 20 burglaries in Harrisonville, which is four-times more than what the department worked this time last year. That's why some of the owners we spoke to say they plan to be more careful.

FOX 4’s Mary Pulley has reaction from some of the targeted business owners in the video.

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  • Crystal

    Fox4 check your facts!! Doughboys did not close due to the break ins. Other reasons which are private. They are very reachable by phone, and are amazing generous community members. Don’t roll into town and chat with local idiots for resourses!!!!

  • Amber Smith

    When I lived there it was these 15 or 16 year old kids, my neighbors kid came home with 6 GPS units and probably 12 cell phones, jewelry and several dollars in change all stolen from cars in the area.

    • Jacob schmidt

      Amber do you remember if those kids got caught? I am asking because my wife and my cars were broken into in 09 and had a GPS, cell phone, and change stolen. I filed a report but nobody ever followed up with me. I assumed it was kids because it was right before the end of spring break that year. Just would like to see what transpired from the break ins.

  • con

    I blame the parents. I work in a hv fast food resteruant and we see everything. the kids are out all hours of the night while the parents are at home , local bars , or work. I also see alot of methhead parents put with there kids.but usualy when then parents are about to get up for the day is when the kids go home.

  • brianm

    Crystal check your facts this is straight from the owner and just as Fox 4 said it was a contribuiting factor.Doughboy’s Pizza owner Adam Portzen was one of the burglary victims. His business, located at 1806 N. Commercial, Harrisonville, was robbed in early February. Thieves stole more than $500 cash and the cash drawer that it was located in, along with a few bottles of liquor. Thieves entered his shop by breaking through a window on the back side of his business. “They were in there long enough that they looked around and threw things,” Portzen said. “I feel that they had been in there before.”

    It was the second time Portzen’s pizza shop had been bro
    ken into since he opened two and a half years ago. He said break-ins make the challenges of being a small business owner even harder.“As a small business owner, you can’t afford to lose $500 or $600,” Portzen said. The most recent robbery, along with some ongoing issues among his employees, and the desire to spend more time with his family, made Portzen decide to close his business. “This deal made me feel like, ‘You know what, I don’t want to do this anymore,’” Portzen said.

  • Carol Ashton

    If Doughboy was robbed once then A)why didn’t he put up security cameras and B)why would you leave money for robbers to steal a second time. Has Fox4 checked with the city administrator? There was an article in the Harrisonville newspaper a couple three years ago about how he saved the city 100,000 dollars. It’s because he cut the police and fire budget. He didn’t just cut it. He slashed it! Maybe the city should go to his office demanding that he return the police budget to what it was and put more officers on the street! Why doesn’t he stop paying himself do much, cut his slash his paycheck and invest more into the safety of Harrosonville?