Joe’s Weather Blog: Spring And Winter In 48 Hours

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Good morning and what a great day it’s going to be in the KC area today! A lot of us have been pining for a day like today…and I hope you have the chance to get outside…our take a walk this evening after you get home from work…anything to stretch out the legs a bit and take advantage of the perfect conditions…you know what I’ll be doing. Cold or no cold…you can’t waste a day like this.

Actually it’s been interesting to watch the local atmosphere above us this AM…as the winds aloft, just above the surface have been cranking away overnight. Winds around 2-3000′ above the ground have been in the 50-60 MPH range…while here at the surface the winds have been under 20 MPH overnight. Those strong winds have brought in some VERY mild air. As of this writing the temperature of the air a few thousand feet off the ground is around +15C or close to 60°F…with a lot of March sunshine and a nice breeze (but not bad at all) we should see a near perfect day. the strong winds aloft will move away around lunchtime today…here is a look at the winds (in knots) {1 kt-1.15 MPH} around 3000′ in the atmosphere. This is from NEXLAB and it shows the strong winds now…but by mid afternoon the winds at this level drop to about 10 kts. which is unusual when temperatures are near 75° in early March!

The only issue confronting us is the potential for some cirrus clouds to filter out the sunshine…especially later this AM…but they should be thin enough and get thinner to allow highs to soar to near 75°. Here is a tweet I sent out earlier this morning showing how long it’s been since we’ve seen these mild temperatures.

We just keep getting closer and closer to spring in KC!

10 days and counting!

I blogged yesterday about the scenario for Tuesday (temperatures) and WED AM for snowflakes…that really hasn’t changed. You know it’s March when highs could be near 70° in the afternoon and before the next AM rolls around the opportunity for flakes of snow comes right back. That’s all it should be though…I guess it wouldn’t shock me if there is some minor coatings up to the north of the KC area.

Longer term…the “cooler” days will be Wednesday and Sunday-through most of NEXT week…so while Spring Fever hits this week…Mother Nature will cool things down again next week…and for whatever reason I’m still not ruling out the potential for more significant winter-type weather later this month and despite the warmth coming this week (we’re 13.1° below average for the month so far)…I still feel that we’ll end up below average overall for the month of March…which will be the icing on the cake for my winter forecast accuracy. This has been a rare excellent year for my winter forecast and the way things have played out. More on that in a few more weeks.

Have a great afternoon…don’t be shocked if you are up real early WED AM and see some flakes of snow…also I sent out a tweet last night…that conditions are right for areas SE/S of the metro tomorrow to see temperatures approach 80° (assuming enough sunshine). Even though highs on WED will be in the 40s…it will still feel like a cold slap in the face compared to what comes today and tomorrow.


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