Multimedia artist plans to honor gay grandfather in unique way

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SEATTLE – One man is planning to honor his very personal connection to his grandfather in a very unique way.

Grant Rehnberg, a self-proclaimed “queer multimedia artist,” calls his project ‘The Family Connection’ which is named after a Sunday school course his grandfather and grandmother used to teach together. Rehnberg plans to use the project he highlight the parallels between his own life and his grandfather’s.

According to his video posted to YouTube and KCPQ-TV in Seattle, Rehnberg’s grandfather, James Rehnberg, was laid to rest about a month ago. In life he was known as a Baptist pastor and WWII veteran, and had been married to his wife and Rehnberg’s grandmother, Doris, for 65 years before she passed away. What really struck Rehnberg about his grandfather was a conversation the two had had about five months ago.

The conversation happened when Rehnberg, who was recently married to his husband, Bradford, was showing his grandfather pictures from the special day. That was when his 90-year-old grandfather told him he was gay.

“He told me about the love of his life, Warren Johnson, a boy he played music with at church,” said Rehberg in the YouTube video.  “He told me God loves every part of us.  He told me he would trade places with me if he could.  He told me he loved me.”

After learning this Rehnberg began putting together the parts of his life which mirrored his grandfather’s, and came up with multimedia art pieces to honor the two as gay men growing up within the same family in different times, and the universal connection they both share. He plans to fundraise online to help with the execution of his project.

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[Sources: Q13 FOX, YouTube]

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  • Chris Ross (@mytwitcross)

    This is not a happy story, this is a tragic story, a man marrying another man, a 90 yr old man telling of his sex with a young boy, and Fox News covering it like they were NBC or any member of the world system media. The Good News is that God loves everyone, but most people love themselves more than God. There is not a Human Conditionknown to Man that Gods Word does not address. May the Church stand up and re-engage the people that Jesus died for. This man ought to be set free from the bondage of the Spirit of Homosexuality.

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