Teen tells Texas police: ‘We are burying a body’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) — Ask a simple question.

Police in Wylie, Texas, wanted to know what two teenagers were doing in the woods Saturday night.

“We are burying a body,” one of them said.

They weren’t kidding. When police looked in the woods they found the corpse of 17-year-old Ivan Mejia of Wylie. The two 16-year-olds were charged with murder.

Police first became interested when they checked out a suspicious, unoccupied vehicle backed up to the treeline, according to a department statement. Officers went into the woods and saw two suspects running from the area.

Police returned to the car and the 16-year-olds walked up and answered the question that set off bells, the statement said.

Mejia was killed behind Wylie East High School, where all three teenagers were students, and taken to the wooded area, police said. No motive has been released, but police say the killing was planned.

The school system said the incident was not connected to a school-sponsored activity.

By Ralph Ellis and Joe Sutton

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  • Terry Roberts

    I feel that kids have no clue anymore about death! They glorify it and act like it’s a video game. Parents really need to quit letting games and t.v and movies guide their kids. No longer do parents sit down with them and talk things over. Most will say they don’t have time that they have to work so long just to make ends meet and usually that is both parents. Maybe our government that pours billions into other countries that trash talk us after they get the money will come to realize that they are tearing down this nation by not giving us the breaks we need.

      • Nicky

        The answer depends on who you ask. The manufacturers of the games and producers of porn or the kids that learn how to treat others based on social and other media. Have you not paid attention to social media sites and all the porn, violence and hatred posted by children? Do you know who and what your children are texting to others?

  • Katie

    I think Terry is simply saying parents need to PARENT their kids. And not leave it up to TV, video games, movies tell them what’s right and wrong. Step up and be an actual parent and maybe teach your kid about values.

  • ws

    “”Please notice your children’s actions and friends.Teens now days will harm even small children they are left to watch. Sadly they can be family members. Family needs to watch family and report all incidences to older adults. Had someone just overheard a conversation this might not have happened. kids left alone to long without family connection begin conjuring up evil. Have supper with your children and listen to their activities on a daily basis.”” In my opinion.

  • Nicky

    How much violence and destruction do we see in the media each day? Even on the news the newscasters tell horrendous stories then the next second are laughing and joking around. I have heard many people say how sad then go back to their cell phones and ignore those around them. Doesn’t anyone see 99% of people walking around with their heads down messing with some type of electronic device? Kids today can do what they want and nothing happens. Parent your kids? How dare someone say that! Get rid of the cell phones and computers and make our kids think for themselves for once!

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